Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doing OK

Well, the boys are here and it is fantastic to have them! I can't believe how fast a weekend can go because they all leave tomorrow! Sad day it will be but I will be home for a few days next weekend. Lindsay has been not so happy the last couple of days. Got a call yesterday and today that she just isn't herself. And we agree. Her color is not as good and she is just irritable sometimes. This is strange because Lindsay never is irritable. REALLY! We have gotten a few smiles out of her but not like normal. Doctors have been spying on her all day but nothing alarming in an xray nor has she spiked a fever. The only thing is that her oxygen sats are a little lower but the hope is that it is because she isn't feeling like herself. So, they put a nasal cannula on just to help her feel better and it is only set at 1/4 liter. We all just think that she might have some sort of bug and hoping that it will go away soon.
Today the boys were able to make dirt and worms at the Family Resourse Center. The Michigan Women's Soccer team was up there helping them make it out of chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms. Looked gross, but the kids sure liked it. I went to feed Lindsay and when the boys returned to her room about 45 minutes later, JR said that Cole and Cruz had about 8 of the girls playing board games with them. Trust me, Dad is very proud! ha ha
Anyway, please pray that Lindsay gets over feeling yucky and that she is back to herself in no time. Stay warm fellow Michiganders!
Love, Suzie

PS Not so nice rubbing in those higher temps! Yes, a little jealous! No, actually, ALOT jealous.


The B Family said...

I know a big daddy that would be pretty proud of that, too! The Miss SC and Miss Teen SC visited our Child Life room when we were at MUSC and Wyatt was in love...he began by getting their autograph and ended the date by playing BINGO with them! He now has their picture hanging on his (play) workbench! It's too funny! Your boys sound so familiar...:)
Oh, Suzie, we are praying it's a little bug that has Miss Priss not quite herself today...and praying for her new heart every day. I wear her bracelet (actually haven't taken it off since you mailed it to me) and stop to think about her and pray for her so often! She is most precious to us!
We'll talk soon...
Love you friend~ Rebecca

The B Family said...

Oh- one more thing...there's a little something in the mail for the Princess...please open it from the bottom though (the mail lady taped it the wrong way and then put the address label on the top after I packed it so the bottom is actually the top)...okay that was confusing, just open the bottom!

Amanda Groulx said...

Come on little one feel better soon so we can see some more great big smiles! Everyone feels a little under the weather this time of year especially with that Michigan weather!

Thinking of you all!


Krissy said...

I hope Lindsay is back to herself in no time. There is a bug going around, so there's a good chance that is what's throwing her off a bit.

I'm glad you got to visit with your family this weekend, that always feel so nice!

Big hugs from down the hall!
Love Krissy and Sofia

Stephanie Winter said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend with the boys! Hope Lindsay feels better. The bake sale went good yesterday! The sweet heart dinner is going to be great! love,

Jonathan said...

We haven't stop praying for her here in NH. I hope that soon she will be back to herself again. Keep hanging on to Jesus he is going to make her better soon. When I look at my bracelet, which I never take off. I think of her and pray.

Laura Groen

Stephanie said...

Hoping Lindsay is back to her happy smiling self in no time.

Keeping you in my prayers as always!

The Hands said...

Hi there. We made it out of MI just in time. We have temps in the 40's above in AK...amazing since last week they were -50F. It was so good to see you and now we love Lindsay even more. We will be taking her before her Maker on a regular basis. Keep hanging in there.

Evie's Story said...

Thinking of you today as your guys have gone back. Hope you had a sweet weekend and memories to carry you till you're reunited. Praying grace for impossible circumstances. You're amazing!