Sunday, January 25, 2009

So far it is working.....

Sporting my new curly bow and playing with my new elephants from Rebecca. I love you friend!
Elaine just couldn't get enough of me! Thanks for coming to play!

OK, I have seen this a million times......I will save Mom and Dad some money and just listen to myself!! ha ha

Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb came to visit me again last Sunday. I always like snuggling with my Aunt Carole!!

Well, I didn't post that I was coming home so that Lindsay didn't follow suite with acting up while I was away. So far so good and she is still in Moderate Care!! She is doing great and I am missing her so much. On the other hand, it is so nice to spend some time with the boys. I am heading back on Tuesday after my dentist appointment. I just wanted to make everyone aware that I linked Joshua's page to the blog. He is going off ECMO and is doing well as of last night. Please keep he and his family in your prayers. This has given us a renewed gift of hope that we really needed. It was starting to diminsh a little and this news certainly gained that back!
Love you all!
PS Sorry I missed you Diana! I was bummed when Ruth said that you were there.......Hopefully you can come again so that we can visit and play with Lindsay!


The Simmons Family said...

Lindsay looks so adorable (as always)! I loved reading Joshua's story, although I am not done. I'm ready backwards. H-O-P-E is not lost and our babes will get their hearts. I pray that Lindsay's will come SOON!

I can't wait to hear what the last dose of rituximab (I never spell that right) did for her.

Enjoy your time with the boys.

Mimi said...

What a little dollie!! She really is darling. When I see her face- i want to cry. When i see her in that hospital crib, I see my sweet Mia. These little heart babies truly are miracles.

If you need anything- please please let me know.

We will be praying for you!!! Truly, we will!

Mimi and Mia

Anonymous said...

Omigosh... she is so adorable! I think you have a budding cardiologist. Maybe she can go into practice with Zachary ;o)

Yes, you usually have to sneak out on the little ones when you leave. I'm glad it worked with Lindsay this time. Hope your dentist appointment goes well... I just had one and, ugh!

We miss you guys and will continue to keep your family, Lindsay, and Joshua in our prayers. By the way... I heard that Olivia Morgenstern from KS is back??? Any details? Do you know if they have a CarePage? I tried to call them the other day (we have the same doctor in Wichita.) Just curious.

Looking great, Lindsay!



Anonymous said...

Lindsay was all smiles when I visited Saturday. She is soooo adorable. Sorry I missed you too. Lindsay and I bonded. Ruth was wonderful. You have fantastic nurses.

The B Family said...

We love the new pictures! She looks amazing! We still pray...and hold on to hope for her new heart to come at the perfect time!
Also, praying your time with the boys is super blessed!
Love y'all~ Rebecca

Katie said...

Sweet, sweet baby girl!!! She is so beautiful and the love in her eyes... Glad you had a great weekend with the boys :) Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. We're home now from vacation and I can get back to the "blog world"! I think I had some withdrawls being away from the computer! So happy she's doing well, Suzie :)
Love to you,
Katie & Maddie

Anonymous said...

Honey she does like the princess she is. Praying often that Lindsey gets the perfect heart. It will come just have to be patient.
Lots of Love,
Your heart brother Miguel

The Hands said...

It's so good to see Lindsay active and enjoying her surroundings. I just wish we could send her some sunshine and flowers to experience. It's been a long winter in that expensive hotel! :-)

Elaine said... that is the best picture EVER taken of me, Suzie!! And I so did not want to leave either one of you! Now I am in Chicago which sounds wonderful, only we all have the most horrible stomach flu imagineable and so I would like to just go back a week and snuggle Lindsay more!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with the boys...and that you know how much we love you and that we pray every day for that perfect match. See you soon, Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Always checking in and praying for your BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Always thinking of you...and keeping Lindsay & her whole family in our prayers.
We were up there last week but because Ethan and I were not feeling 100%, I thought it was best we not peek in to say hello. Although I really wanted to.
Blessings and Heart Hugs,