Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anyone up for an update??!!!

Cole and Cruz posing for my benefit! That bush is only this pretty for a little while and wanted to take advantage while at home. ;-)
My cute little baseball dude in his very first baseball game!

Little League is serious stuff!
This weekend was wonderful being home and getting to be apart of Cole's special day. The opening day parade and ball game was great....until it down poured! Cole's team got most of their game in before the drenching though. The rain let up and then we went back to watch more and then it rained again. Needless to say, we then stayed home! ;-)
Lindsay had a great weekend too. Nurse Megan and Sarah took Lindsay outside a couple of times this weekend to get some sunshine. I will post pictures of that a little later. ;-) She looked so stinkin cute....especially in her new sunglasses. She is so spoiled here!! ha ha
After being gone for a few days, it was sure good to have her in my arms again. This week, JR took Wednesday and Thursday off so that he can spend some time with Lindsay. She has been loving snuggling with her daddy! Today Great Grandma and Grandpa Lumbard along with Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb came over for a visit. She loves to ham it up for people, let me tell ya!
Update on Sofi: Let me tell you, Sofi looks incredible! I went over to see her last night and spent a little time with Krissy and Mike. Sofi was sprinting when I arrived and was doing very well. She is so PINK!!!!! The plan was to extubate today! Hopefully that happened and they can join us on this side of the floor by the end of the week!
All for now but I will add some pictures of the princess very soon!
Love to you all!


Elaine said...

If he is running, does that mean he hit the ball first??? That is the hardest part!! The pictures are priceless! He looks SO SERIOUS!!

And the Sofi picture...thank you sooo much...what a relief and what a beautiful child...she looks so peaceful....and PINK! It must be wonderful for you to watch her do so well...when I saw the words ECMO on her blog, I thought "uh, oh...that doesn't always work" and started praying harder. I think it is just amazing that that little amount of rest helped her heart so much...and now look at where she is. Tell her family that we are all praying like crazy for her.

Give that beautiful Princess Lindsay some hugs and kisses from us...

Love, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi sister,
I was looking at your picture and wanted to tell you I have the same tooth in. I'm sure we got them about the same time to.I miss you hopefully next time we see each other we came play out side.

Love Ya
Carlee Jo

Stephanie said...

So glad you had a good weekend!!! What great pictures of opening day.

Wonderful news for Sofi...praying for Lindsay and that her day will come very soon. I know you're ready to get your precious girl home with you!

Trisha Visel said...

Hey Suzie you are getting GREAT with the camera. Love the baseball pictures!! Can't wait until my boys start sports so I can use the camera for that! Fun Fun. I am SOO happy for Sofi and hope the same great things for the princess. We will keep praying for her new heart!!

The B Family said...

I LOVE IT! Boys have their priceless moments and teeball seems to be one of those! It's just so darn cute to see them all serious and in gear for the big game! Wyatt has a game tonight and has been talking about it all day! It's like he wakes up ready for game time! Cole is a CUTIE PIE in his little uniform!

Praising God for precious moments with all your beautiful children!

Thank you so much for the precious gifts...Wyatt plays Pixos everyday (seriously, they are out now)! And, I just love the wee-wee cover and cup for Luke!!! I had just seen one (the cover)the other day and was so close to buying it...good thing I held out! Great minds think alike! :)
Love you, friend~ Rebecca