Thursday, April 30, 2009

The first of multiple posts scheduled for the day!

Well, this post is to let all of you know that Sofi is doing much better today. Doctors inserted another chest tube to release some of the air found in her chest and to "re-inflate" her lung that had collapsed. For updates, please see her link on the blog. I have updated this to go directly to her carepage instead of the website. God is good!
Update for Lindsay: She will be given her first round of baby food at 1pm today!!!! Trust me, pictures will follow! Stay tuned........

PS The answers to a few posts ago about her two milestones.........of course 2 teeth, and the other one is that she is sitting up all by herself now!!! She is becoming such a big girl. We couldn't be more proud of her!


The B Family said...

Can't wait for the food pics! Those are always so funny!

Love you~ Rebecca

Brittney Butcher said...


Thank you so much for sharing your story and letting us be part of it. Our visits with you and Lindsay (and Sofi too) are always a hilight of our visits to UofM for Brittney's biopsies. Please know you guys are an inspiration to us. We pray for your well being on a daily basis! Stay strong and believe!
The Butchers

Mimi said...

mmmm- baby food!!! TASTY. Mia isn't a fan of baby food- but she LOVES cheetos.

I can only get her to eat things that she can hold herself. She needs the control.

Can't wait to see the pics

Michelle said...

So, what are you starting with??? Sog cereal? Runny spinach? Grey bananas? Yum! Looking forward to those pictures!

It's so good to know that Lindsay is doing so well and can appreciate those normal baby things. Thanks also for the Sofi updates. We were getting a bit worried down here.

I'm also a basket case because Zachy's starting to show signs that he's needing surgery soon. We had planned for June but I think we'll have to move it up. We were going to fly, but now I'm paranoid about being on the plane and possibly exposing Zachy to swine flu. Just not looking forward to that awful drive.

You guys take care. I LOVED the t-ball pictures! Cole really looks like he knows what he's doing! Joseph is starting t-ball but he's a bit clueless and has the coordination of his mother (NOT good!)

We're looking forward to seeing you again soon!



Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Waiting for a messy-faced Princess to appear :)