Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sofi's Miracle Day!!!!

She did it!!! Sofi has a brand new heart and is in the ICU! Ok, Krissy, Sofi's mom, posted that Sofi's heart stopped just before they put the new one in. God is sooooo good! Now, ohhhh recovery. Please pray the Sofi does well, takes her time (as all girls should do!), and gets better soon so that we can see that smiling face again!
So, again, Happy Miracle Day everyone!
Love, Suzie


Katie said...

I'm so happy for sweet Sofi and her family! What a miracle, indeed. I'm sure this makes you more anxious, more encouraged yet terrified at the same time. Always praying for the princess and we'll keep Sofi in them as well. Hugs ad much love to you! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Jessica said...

Hey Suzie,
The update was on her Carepage. The last update said she's on ECMO and doing better. I will email you her carepage name.

I'm always checking in on your princess. :) She's such a sweetie and we're praying for her little heart too!