Thursday, August 13, 2009


After many lengthy conversations with doctors and nurse practitioners, we headed to Ann Arbor to get Lindsay checked out. She had started vomiting on Saturday night. After that incident, we then just proceeded with strictly g-tube feeds after her month long run on oral feeds. Things went fairly well on Sunday but with still a few throw ups. Monday was great! We stayed with all g-tube feeds and she did great all day. Then Tuesday came. Still vomiting and now it was getting concerning because we knew full well that she wasn't getting enough in as far as fluids were concerned. The most concerning thing though was that she was still vomiting with g-tube feeds. Now, our understanding was that she needed the g-tube to eliminate any possibility of throwing anything up! Well, not Miss Lindsay. She managed to do that as well! For those of you familiar with g-tubes, no, she does not have the Nissan wrap which wouldn't be shocking if it came up in discussion today or tomorrow. In the ER yesterday, a chest x-ray was done and that looked just fine. A g-tube x-ray was done with contrast and that looked fine as well. Our words exactly were, "Oh, crap!" Well, then what is the problem? IV fluids were started because as we all predicted, she was a little dehydrated. She is still on them today and looks like we will trial feed today to see if the extra fluid to plump her up a bit will help in the feeding department. In other words, thinking that the dehydration started to take its course on Saturday but she hadn't been tipped over the edge yet to not throw up everything. Besides the vomiting, she has been as completely normal! Just every now and then she will puke and then go about her business like nothing was wrong. What broke the straw for me was yesterday morning after the she threw up her morning feed of only 50cc's, she was starting to look a little pale and not quite herself, yet still smiling and playing. So, called Dr. G and here we are. Today will be all trial to see how she does after getting her fluids. Her lasix of course has been DC'd and I'm wondering if she has simply grown out of that and doesn't need it anymore. She was cut back from her 2x a day dose down to one and wondering if her one dose is now too much. Things that make you go hmmmmmm?? JR and I had our first experience of actually sleeping in the hospital room with the princess. That was fun! (sense the sarcasm?) With one very small couch and a glider rocker, I guess we made it work but both of us are extremely sore! Why did we stay you ask. Well, the Med Inn is full and we decided that since we weren't here for a lengthy stay, we would bypass RMH. AND there is a plumbers and pipe fitters convention in town and all hotels are booked or at skyrocketed prices that we aren't paying right now! Call us cheap, but rather than paying $120 plus a night at a simple Red Roof Inn, we will sleep in a room with the princess. And trust me, I pulled the travel agent card and no discount was given. ;-) Besides, we get more cuddle time staying at the hospital!
The docs will be rounding soon so I will update a little later.
Love, Suzie


Anonymous said...

Suzie and JR--

So sorry to hear you are back there :(. If you ever need a place to stay PLEASE CALL ME!!!! Jim has a condo about 15 minutes away that is empty (well Kelli is there now, but not for long). It doesn't have any furniture, but its there and available :)

Hang in there--it really does get better--

Lisa Galas

Tina:0) said...

Sorry to hear that you're back in, but at least she's improving.
Is Dr. G by chance, Dr. Geiger? Just curious as he is the surgeon that put Vaeh's G-tube in at UofM:0)

You guys are troopers for sleeping on that little couch or in the rocker; been there... done that!

Praying Miss Lindsay is better soon!

Tina & Vaeh:0)
fellow UofM family

Elaine said...

Thanks so much for the must be exhausted! You know the stalkers are checking the blog every minute and we are SO thankful you took the time to write.

We are praying like crazy and hoping your wonderful U of M docs figure this all out.

Just know we are all there with you and call if you need anything.

Love, Elaine and Bill

Stephanie said...

I'm saying a special prayer for Lindsay right now. Praying that everything continues to improve and she's able to keep her feeds down!!!!! Hope you get home soon so you can get some good sleep!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

My son had a Nissen done after his G-tube and he still threw up. His problem is he would aspirate on what he threw up...causing him to be pale, lethargic, and scream!, until it passed and he could breath again. (this was when he was misdiagnosed for the first seven years of his life.)

Anonymous said...

Well Crap is right. At least your with the best doctor that know little lindsay. Just so you know our house is 1 hr away if you would like to stay here. It's not AA but it may be closer then your home. The invitation is always on the table for any heart families. We will be praying praying praying that this is just a mystery that solves itself very very soon.

Michelle Dickson

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you guys are back in AA(Jenni mentioned that she saw Lindsay's name on the door yesterday)Braeden has a G tube and has always had vomiting problems. We opted not to do the fundoplication for many reasons. Although he rarely throws up anymore, we went through a very bad time with it a few years ago. Do you guys use a feeding pump at home to adjust the rate? Braeden could never tolerate just dropping the feeding in, he needs it to go a little more slowly. Just a thought, ofcourse every child is different! Prayers are headed your way as always...

Stephanie and Braeden(HLHS)

Holly said...

I hope they can figure out what's going on!

Anonymous said...

With all that you have on your mind - you still take the time to keep us Lindsay lover's up to date. Thank you. I'm sorry it is distressing news this time. I hope the mystery can be quickly solved.

aimee gillespie said...

Well this stinks! Praying that the doctors can figure this out so that Princess Lindsay can get back home where she belongs.