Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gotta give the people what they want!!

Cole and Cruz enjoying themselves on Uncle Dan's wind surfing board.

These t-shirts were sent to us by the Butcher family. Brittney's heart transplant was in December of last year. U of M zipper club supporters!!! Oh, and those crazy football hats. Too funny!

I found Cruz like this one morning last week. Sunglasses are of course, Lindsay's given to her by nurse Megan. Cruz likes them too! ;-) Stylish, dude!

Real enthusiastic about going to her appointment! ha ha Notice the new big girl car seat??

Yesterday morning before we left for A2. One of my favorites for sure! See her top teeth coming in?

Big girl! AND the very first time wearing shoes!! Can you believe it?! Well, I can. What has she needed to wear shoes for until now?

Lindsay can finally wear fleecy pajamas! Before with her hypoplast heart, she would over heat and start to have problems. Now she can stay toasty warm while she sleeps. An actual NORMAL baby thing! WOO HOO!!

We went to the lake on Sunday and Lindsay was completely content staying indoors in the air with Aunt Carol and Uncle Jeff. It ended up getting extremely muggy and was wise to keep her in while her brothers played outside in the water. She was still dressed for the occasion and had a great time!

AHHH, nothing like a hospital background.....again! Yes, this was taken during our two night stay at hotel Mott. She was feeling much better when I took this photo and we left the next day.

The joys of a g-tube feed! ha ha No, she didn't throw up, she just thought she would take the adapter out of her g-tube and suck on it! Well, not that great with the aim!

Yesterdays clinic visit at U of M went extremely well. Dr. G's (Gajarski that is, for someone that asked me about this a while ago) actual words were, "She looks fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing because she looks fantastic!" I couldn't help but have a perma-grin after that was said!
The only other thing that we have to follow up on here in town is with the ophthalmologist. A doctor from U of m comes down to the Kalamazoo office every 2-3 months and Lindsay will see him when he is here. They are concerned with her right eye not being completely centered. Obviously it is because of the damage to her brain because of the arrest in July. They are confident that she can see out of it, but it needs work to strengthen it. She may need a patch on the left eye to try and make the right eye work as it should. The left eye is definitely compensating the work load of the right. Overall, not too shabby I would say!

Back in the groove today and took her this morning for a blood draw. Praying that all levels are good and we can keep meds right where they are.
Answering a question from a few says ago from the Catlett family from Texas: Yes, she tests positive for VRE as well. This was found in her stool way back in October and she still tests positive for it.
I also wanted to take a minute to thank all of you that prayed for the Butcher family yesterday. All of those prayers were answered because baby Luke Graham Butcher was born yesterday happy and healthy and sooooo pretty!! All 8 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches of him! Yes, baby boys can be pretty!! ha ha Send continued prayers for Rebecca's healing after her c-section and that they all can go home soon!
Heart blessings~


Stephanie Winter said...

Love the pictures... Mags has the pink outfit that she had on at the lake... love the shoes! So happy that everything is going well. She looks beautiful! love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for those beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so happy! I love all of your outfits for Lindsey with the bows! Her shoes are darling! I will keep praying everyday for all of you! God is so good! I have "met" so many wonderful people through all of their blogs about their precious babies!

Jill said...

Your boys are so cute in those fun hats.

Linsay looks fabulous. I think her eye is looking so much better. Amazing how far she's come since the scare after the transplant. I pray she keeps getting stronger everyday. She's a true blessing, and so beautiful. Such cute outfits!!!

Thanks for letting us blog stalkers follow her amazing journey. It has built my faith up even more.

PS-so happy Luke was born safe and sound. Hope their Angel Annabelle can be close by them to celebrate.


The Simmons Family said...

The princess look WONDERFUL!! I am smiling ear to ear she looks so great! I love the top teeth coming in. You're our hero Lindsay!

Kacie Catlett said...

Your boys are so cute! Miss Lindsay is looking just fabulous and LOVE the shoes.

Thanks for answering the question and so glad things are settling down again and the Princess is doing fantastic. She is such a fighter and is proof the GOD does magnificent things!!!

And so glad that Prince Luke is healthy and strong!

The Catletts
Evan, Kacie, Hayden, Maddie Jo, Emma, and Gage

Stephanie said...

Love Love Love those pictures! glad the boys had fun at the lake and how awesome that Lindsay was finally there with all where she belongs :)

praying for her eye!!!!

Shawna - Round Rock, Texas said...

I am a Mommy of three little girls and I have been following and commenting for a little while. I have to say that it reminds me what miracles God has given us when I see your precious little girl....without tubes and standing !! My heart goes out to your family and I am so happy that things are going so well. God bless you always!

Alison and Rich Lee said...

Those are the most adorable pictures yet!! Awesome news from
A2. Again...prayers were answered. Love you guys!

The B Family said...

I may be a little obsessed with your Princess...Scott is watching baseball holding Luke and I am checking up on my heart babies!
Thank you for your prayers & your sweet gift! Scott went home briefly today to do a few things and brought it back to me! Wyatt is wearing his big brother bracelet already and thinks it is too cool! :) Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing in this JOY with us!!!
Lindsay looks amazing and I just love the pictures of the boys, too!
Love to you~ Rebecca

ShannonLeideker said...

Thanks for the PICTURE update...your children are so CUTE! So glad Lindsay is doing fantastic. She is such a blessing!

Katie said...

Cute boys, cute girl and thanks for sharing the darling pictures! So glad you're home and that Miss Lindsay is feeling better. Hugs to you!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

haha, I love the pictures!