Monday, August 17, 2009


We are preparing for a fun filled day in Ann Arbor tomorrow. (well, a little sarcasm this time!) This will be Lindsay's first official clinic day post transplant. That means that all testing will be done. Blood, ekg, echo, etc. We also get the joy of getting a swallow study, seeing the neurologist, and opthamologist. First appointment starts at 9am and last one is at 1:45. WHEW! I'm sure with a few visitors along the way. ;-) Yes, nurses, the princess will arrive around 8:45am! ha ha
Please pray that everything goes smoothly and pray that there are no signs of rejection. She hasn't indicated, but we never know.
The main reason that I titled this post "Prayers" is because I am requesting you all send them to a very special heart mom friend of mine, Rebecca Butcher and her husband Scott. Their little miracle, Luke, will make his appearance tomorrow and I cannot even imagine what a roller coaster of a day this will be for them both. So hard to imagine that this baby will not be Annabelle but then again so excited that because of Annabelle, Luke is here. Man, I just don't know what to say. I just shed happy and sad tears all at the same time as I'm sure they will do tomorrow too. I love them both dearly as because of them, I prepared for Lindsay. When they lost their precious baby girl, I fell apart as if she was my own. Now, they will have another beautiful gift from God and I ask that you pray for their strength for tomorrow. Strength to get through all of the emotion and enjoy every minute of what His plan has brought to them.

I know I don't have pictures up as promised (yeah, slacker I know!) but soon! Lots to do!
Love, Suzie


Stephanie said...

Praying for Lindsay tomorrow...pray everything goes well.

I'll head over to Rebecca's blog and wish her well tomorrow.

Stephanie Winter said...

Praying for a great day in Ann Arbor... hope all goes well! Have a safe drive and hope to talk to you soon! Praying for baby Luke and family!

Anonymous said...

Wishing and praying for a positive day for Lindsay tomorrow! We'll be praying for her and you guys as you drive.Praying for your friend and family as well.
Hope the boys make it over this wk., if it's possible.
love and prayers
Don and Brenda

Shaw Family said...

Praying for Lindsay!

Also, saying a prayer for the Butcher family.

Davidson Gang said...

The prayer energy is coming your way...soak it all up Princess. Good Luck today, we all look forward to reading about her fantastic progress!

Love, The Davidson's

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

You and Rebecca have been on my mind all day long. I'm praying for you both and anxiously awaiting wonderful reports (and pictures!) from both of you! Have you ever been to Ann Arbor and NOT spent the night?!?!

Love to you...

Anonymous said...

How did your little Princess like the lake??
Shannon just posted pics of Madi at the lake (Caseville)...She loved it!!
Praying that all appointments go well and all results are positive!
p.s. LOVED the pic of your son dancin' during seventh inning stretch!! HOW CUTE!!
Gramma TJC

Maggie Geiger said...

Signed on looking for pics, but glad that I did! I didn't realize that it was time for Luke's arrival. We will bepraying for their family & of course for a great day as well for you guys. Lindsay has amazed us over & over & tomorrow will be be no exception!

Love You Guys,
Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli

Anonymous said...

I have one of your sons with pruned fingers because he won't get out of the lake. The other is finding special shells (lucky you, whew what a stink!) Hope and pray for our baby, loving the kids and you lots/AuntC & UncleR

P.S. You have a budding golf pro on your hands!

Anonymous said...

OH! I just saw the pictures of Luke! I follow their blog, too! He is just so adorable! Waiting to see pictures of the princess at the lake!!!!! Love and prayers to all of you!!!