Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plan of attack

So, she has done fabulous with her 50cc/hour feeds since 4pm. At midnight, we start every 2 hour feeds of 100 cc's given over 30 minutes. Then at 9am, we will start with full feeds of 150 cc's every three hours given over 30 minutes each. By then, we can tell the doctors that she has tolerated them and maybe because they will be impressed, they will let us go home. No diagnosis yet and we all have a few theories, but who knows. Looks as if we will dc her reglan and possibly her lasix. We will know more tomorrow and pray that the feeds continue on this good streak through the night and on.
Sweet Dreams~

***** Update (10:39 pm) Stool sample came back positive for c-diff. Just great! We might have to wait until morning to get the decision on what they do for antibiotics. Post transplant, VRE, and C Diff. Perfect! (yes, sarcasm again!) Maybe saving the Happy Dance for another day. ;-(


The B Family said...

Praying all goes well tonight & into the morning!

I know those vinyl couches are less than desireable to sleep on for too many nights...but, we do what we have to do!

Love you~ Rebecca

Stephanie said...


Cousin Nancy said...

Hoping this is just a bug (it HAS been going around) and that you and Miss Lindsay will be going home soon!

Cousin Nancy

Tommy Schomaker said...

Oh my word!! What the heck!? I am just now reading all this. Have been meaning to get on the computer since yesterday and now finally did! Ok, prayers are coming your way. Not sure when you were admitted? We were there on Monday and Tommy and I will be there again tomorrow, so we will try and find you. What a puzzle! Tommy asks about Lindsay everyday and says; "I just love her so much, mom!" TOOO CUTE!
Hugs, Colleen
p.s. oh and Meg is gone too..lovely!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me the hospital is like a 5 start resort. Been there done that funny what happens when I dont check the computer for a few days. I will pray that the princess does get to go HOME tommorow. Im sure the nurses are looving the visit though right?
I will continue to pray for your whole family and hopefully see each toher again soon???

Leah said...

oh dear, poor Lindsay and parents! I'm praying now.

By the way, I just love seeing Lindsay's adorable face pop up at the top of your blog when I come to check on her. So wonderfully cute!

Faith M. said...

praying that the doctors have wisdom and do exactly what the little princess needs to get her home to her castle very soon. Hopefully, the C-Diff doesn't slow things down too much and hopefully they get it under control. Not fun!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

OK, I have no idea what c-diff and VRE are, but from the "sound" of it, it isn't what you wanted! I will say some extra prayers tonight that the doctors will work their magic with the Princess in the morning and all will be on its way back to normal soon!

Praying for a "happy dance" tomorrow!

Love to you...

P.S. Thanks for the note on the blog... an "almost" Mexico baby! We waited until after Mexico... good thing because I enjoyed lots of fruity drinks while I was there :)

Stephanie Winter said...

Praying for successful feedings tonight and tomorrow... praying for happy dances very soon!
love you,

Kyle Keiser said...

So sorry for the continued need for patience. Think of this as 5 steps forward to this point, and 1 step back to acquire stronger footing for the future. We know there has to be a reason!

Hugging and praying from afar on a sleepless night.

Jessica Twigg said...

Hey guys i am so sorry you are back there. I am praying for you. Tell the princess to get better soon and that I love her! I will go edit our update for prayers. If there is anything I can do for you guys please let me know! Love yas, Jessica Twigg

Michelle said...

Shoot! Darn it! What a little stinker! I guess she just missed her friends at Mott too much! Well, tell Miss Lindsay to hurry up and pass out her hugs so you can get out of there soon! We'll keep the Princess and your family in our prayers, and hope the antibiotics make quick work of her infection.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Okay, once again the princess has to be EXTRAORDINARY! When I Googled c-diff, what does it say but that it is normally found in elderly people who are hospitalized or in long-term care facilities!

Please let her know that we much prefer seeing her shine in a positive way, and to stop being a little stinker! Maybe she just missed her hospital "family" that takes such good care of her.

Our love and prayers will surround you today, and we will anxiously await news on the blog about what the course of action is.

Love all of you!
Debbie and Rick

Elaine said... if these are hospital related infections, how did she get them...SHE HAS BEEN HOME!!!!!
(Obviously I have been reading medical papers again!) So...are you waiting for...which antibiotic to use? And does this mean the whole thing including the vomiting was this infection?? Yeah, I know...I am full of questions! What a total bummer...

The prayers of all the Lindsay Prayer Warriors continue...and I am making you spaghetti today for a day next week... :)

Love you bunches...Elaine

Anonymous said...

Rick and Debbie just showed me that it's a Lindsay trait to hit google when you don't know what something is...(c-diff) because I too, went straight to google. Once again your parental insticts were that she needed attention and you were so right. Looking forward to your arrival back home later today.
mom (Linda)

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys,,sorry you have to go thru all this again, and princess as well. As Kyle said, it's all for a reason, and we all have to truly believe that.
Hope all is better soon so she and mom and dad, can get back to their own beds.
love and prayers to you all,
Don and Brenda

Evie's Story said...

just catching up on your week as I've been on the road and off the computer fir several days....oh my goodness!! We know that sense of fear at any sign of sickness. You just can't be too careful with these little sweethearts. Hate for your family to be going through this "same song, second verse" but glad the princess has all those who love and adore her so much overseeing her care. Joining with so many others in prayer!!

Melinda said...

I hope that Lindsay is recovering and that they found an antibiotic to counter the c-diff (had to google it here also). So sorry that she is being given this battle to fight!

Anonymous said...

I have been following Lindsay's blog for awhile now and have enjoyed every minute of it, even the scary ones. Lindsay is a fighter and she will do just fine...GOD is GOOD all the time. I was just wondering, does she also have VRE along with C-diff, it sounded like she has both of those?

Praying in Texas

The Catletts