Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A day of unknowns......

Today started with taking Lindsay down to the cath lab to take a closer look at her heart, get a few biopsies, and try and get lines in for meds later if needed. Got an update from Meg about 2 hours later that they were able to get access through her groin for the biopsy (whew) and had gotten 8 tissue samples to check for rejection. The next update about 1/2 hour later was that they had to give Lindsay some Dopamine to help her blood pressure because it had really taken a dive during the procedure. Freaking out momentarily that we had a bigger problem on our hands, she then explained that they had to put her under general anesthesia, put her on the ventilator hence the reason for the lower pressure. She was reacting to the anesthetic and needed some assistance for the rest of the procedure. After all was done and getting a line for meds was unsuccessful ( not surprising. Her access really stinks!) , they brought her up vented but before we could even see her, the decision was to extubate her because she apparently was throwing a fit! Lol Wonder why? We finally got to see her and really, we thought she looked pretty good. We knew she was doing ok because she was asking for crackers and juice:-) Her eyes really lit up when she ate her cherry Popsicle! The rest of the afternoon was spent taking care of her and making sure she stayed comfortable. The hard part of that was watching phlebotomy try multiple times trying to get another IV. They were in her room for almost an hour and even with ultrasound, they couldn't get it accomplished. Ugh! Poor baby by then was ticked off! That is putting things mildly! A little versed and got a well deserved nap. Mommy and Daddy then got to leave to get some dinner.
The highlight of the day was Dr. G stopping us before we went to grab supper to tell us that her biopsies came back with absolutely NO REJECTION!!! Thank you to the great Lord above! So, what does this mean now you ask? Well, we also found out that her Tacro level was 53! Um, that's not good! Her level should be anywhere from 5-20 and Lindsay's is normally around 13. So, the plan is the wait it out a few days to allow for her tacro level to decrease and see what her heart looks like then. The elevated level could be the attributing factor to all of this trouble. That would be great if that fixes all of these unknowns with her heart. If she then decides to release all of this stored poop, then
we have our answer. If not, then we re-evaluate and get the GI consult that I wanted a long time ago! :-) So, the plan is really to wait it out
and see what she likes and dislikes. She will be getting her small doses of lasix still along with her meds but minus her tacro dose of course.
:-) We left her in the care of nurse Amy tonight sleeping. Let's hope she gets a good nights sleep tonight and makes big strides tomorrow
getting back to our normal princess.
Your love and support for our family is truly overwhelming once again. We love you all and read each and every one of your comments whether it is on the blog or facebook. It keeps us going and gives us hope when we feel down. I say today was a pretty good day with figuring out some of the scary unknowns! Thank you for helping us through it!


Cousin Nancy said...

- So glad the tests showed no signs of rejection. Hang in there, kids!
Cousin Nancy

Unknown said...

Good news about the biopsies! We are still praying like crazy!

Maggie Geiger said...

Well, we thank you for sharing your life with us! We have all come to love that little Princess! You have taught us to be thankful for every day, even the tough ones! So thanks again for you guys!!!

Love You!

Anonymous said...

Such good news. Lindsay never disappoints with the temper (wonder where she ever got that?) but that same spirit keeps the fight going! God is good. Hope to hear more soon, thank you so much for keeping us informed! Love you all/AuntC&UncleR

Cara Winter said...

We'll keep praying, but things are certainly looking UP - at least in terms of the biopsy! YAY!!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

So sad that you haven't been feeling well. We love you! Lots of prayers and hugs from your Fan Club.
The Meekers