Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Days

Lindsay has been doing fantastic! She looks so much better and is back to her normal self. Thank you once again to the good Lord above! Yes friends, you guessed it. We are still in the hospital! Ugh! Why, you say? Good question but in typical Lindsay fashion, she shows the doctors things on her own time. We were told that maybe on Sunday we would get discharged. Well, over the weekend, Lindsay developed high blood pressure all of a sudden. Ugh! We have gone up on her Enalapril and have been monitoring it ever since. These last few days have been VERY boring waiting for the medicine to work to the doctors liking and waiting to see if her blood pressure has stabilized to what they want her to be. She has had a very successful day today with regards to that and depending on her tacro level and blood pressure reading in the morning, we should be able to go home! Jr is bringing the boys over tomorrow to pick us up so crossing my fingers that they can make the road trip! Jr went home today to be with the boys since we had to break our promise of coming home last night. We didn't want to break another one today. So, he was there to get Cole off the bus and when my Dad brought Cruz home. You talk about two happy little boys! I can't wait to see them!
Over the weekend the doctors also requested to send stool samples and urine cultures down to the lab in hopes to figure out what is going on with her belly. They had found some yeast in her stool so they are further investigating her urine to see if there is something in there that should be treated. If so, then she would just get an antibiotic and things should get better. If not, then GI will be in our very near future because even though we have the other things figured out, her belly is still distended and lots of stool still being held in there for some reason. Maybe just a Myralax fix we hope, but you know the princess, it won't be that easy.:-)
Hugs and love to you all. The prayers keep coming and are always appreciated more than you know!
Heart Blessings~


Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Glad to hear Miss Priss is back to herself. It sounds to me like a certain Princess knows that her Mommy has some R&R planned that doesn't include her :) I've been keeping up to date through Rebecca as I'm trying to avoid Facebook (but I have logged on directly to your page to check on you all). I haven't checked on rescheduling my flight yet in hopes that you get out tomorrow and can make it! Prayers for good news in the morning!

Avery said...

hope you're all home together!!

Anonymous said...

no news is good news...:)
looking for update on the princess.. hugs to you all..
in our prayers the Snell family.