Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kindleberger Festival and Wine Tasting Party

This Saturday is the Kindleberger Festival in Parchment and we are going to give back to the community in the parade by throwing out "thank you" taffy to the community that has helped us so much this past year by supporting Lindsay and her family. Cole, Cruz, and cousin Zach will participate in the "thank you" taffy throw.

We will also be holding one of our famous bake sales in the park. If you would like to donate bakegoods, please call Steph at 269-352-8154 to set up drop off before, or just bring it to our booth which will be by the courtyard/ gazebo area in the park. We package the bakegoods in individual sizes and take donations instead of pricing.

WINE TASTING PARTY.....we still have tickets available for the wine tasting party on Sunday, July 12, 2009. This will take place at Don and Sue Lumbard's from 1pm-4pm. Tickets are $25.00 per person/$45.00 per couple....Beer will also be available for those non-wine drinkers.
Please contact Sue at lumbards@bronsonhg.org or 269-385-3667 for tickets.

Thanks for your continued support. Just like our little Princess Lindsay, we will not give up!
The Lindsay Dean Heart Fund Committee


Stephanie Winter said...

peak a boo! love the picture... did you get my text? ttyl

Colleen Schomaker said...

Keep up the good work..Tommy misses you SO much!
xxoo, Colleen, Mike and Tommy!

Stephanie Winter said...

me again! love the new music!! I will survive!!! lol!!