Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princess pictures

Well, miss Lindsay is turning into quite the chunky monkey these days with eating only by bottle! She has gained GOOD weight and she is up 1 1/2 pounds since we brought her home a week and a half ago. Last week was her first blood draw and for the most part, everything seems A-OK. Her tacro level and cellcept(rejection drugs) levels were a little low so Meg upped both of those a smidge and she also decreased her lasix from twice a day to once per day. So far so good and we go in again on Thursday for another blood draw. Crossing our fingers that those levels are good enough that we only have to do blood draws every two weeks instead of once per week. Her poor little veins have had it and it is making it very difficult to get a draw. She is doing so well and I think that we are still in shock that she is here with us! As you can see, she is still hammin' it up for the stalkers! ha ha Enjoy! Her specialty......giving kisses!
Everyone has to have their favorite little black dress..........I mean onsie ;-) (plus a little pink for good measure!)

Her meds every 9a and 9p with a few in the middle during the day.

Hey! It's Bam Bam! This one is for you Rebecca B.!


Amy said...

Lindsay Dean is my HERO!!!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She is doing so well and looking so cute!

The B Family said...

PRECIOUS! Lindsay is so dag-um cute I could just eat her up...oh wait...I am going to very soon! (My fingers are crossed & I've already got a "welcome to the south" gift for the princess!)
Continued prayers for your darling butterball!

Love you, friend~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see Linsday home, and happy. Such a beautiful little girl, and a blessing!!!

Love, The Martin Family

"The Weavers" said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics!!! It is just amazing to see her doing so well! I will never forget Little Miss Lindsay,I have prayed for her as if she were one of my own.My sweet Bailey Grace has prayed for her too! She still ask me about her,lol.She is just too stinkin cute,the first pic reminds me of m 10 mth old Chloe,she squinches her nose up just like that when she gets axcited.Love and prayers from Alabama!!

Elaine said...

The Princess looks AWESOME!!

Bedtime for Grandma Elaine....love you...

The Simmons Family said...

Oh, it's so great to hear that she's chunking up on her own. Her kissy face is to die for! Her medicines look like Owen's pre-transplant.. I guess we're practicing for after.. HA! I still can't tell you how thrilled I am that she is finally HOME!!!

Pianomusic821 - Kandice said...

to the dear parents of lindsay,

I have to tell you something. I work at wal-mart in the softlines (clothing) department, and I was organizing one of the graphic t-shirt walls in the girls department, and they have a shirt for $5.00 on clearence that says "Princess" on it and it is pink. this shirt reminds me of lindsay every time I see it. I see it everyday, and I always think of your sweet lindsay. eventhough I do not know you personally, I feel like I am close to you and have known you guys for years. Lindsays story is so amazing and I love reading about her.

what an amazing little princess you guys have.



Leah said...

Thank you for sharing your miracle and her great pictures!

I LOVE her "little black dress." I'm going to try to find one for our youngest of 3 girls....she certainly has enough pink clothes!

Wow, I can never complain again when we have just one medicine to give!

Nicole Gibson said...

She looks so good! I am so happy for you guys! You are my hero!

Davidson's said...

How awesome is that - it is such a blessing to see the happiness and healthy glow on the Princess. So happy for you all!

Love, The Davidson Gang

ps - LOVE the hair!!!

Evie's Story said...

Love the pink and brown photos!! The shirt is the cutesy thing...want to find one!! She looks absolutely amazing! Don't you feel like you should have earned a pharmesutical license as well as a nursing degree by now? :-). Pray she can start weaning off some of those meds soon!

Stephanie said...

She looks so good!!! I am so happy that she is home and doing well. I am just so very happy for you! Hugs from Texas!!!

Melissa Gernaat (Coffman) said...

It is so nice to see her home and being the little girl she is suppose to be. It is so exciting to hear the wonderful updates. Keep it up Princess!
By the way love the little black onesie.
I am so happy for you all.
We will continue prayers for continued strength and well being.
The Gernaats

Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful. Thanks for keeping us updated with all of the family happenings. We are so happy for you guys!

The Mendhams

Stephanie said...

I tell you she is just absolutely perfect and I'm amazed everytime I see her! What a blessing!

Allie's hair has finally gotten so I can put alittle ponytail up on top too and I love it...so cute!