Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiger Madness!

Man, this one turned out good! So exciting for both of them.
I just HAD to take this one! INTENSE!

Showin' off his dance moves during the 7th inning stretch.

That Tiger claw is as big as he is!

Photo op after the game.

Waiting for fireworks to start after the game. He is wearing down..........

Our grub! Ribs and potatoes which were picked out by Cole. ;-) The kid loves him some ribs! That's my boy!

And you HAVE to have hot dogs at a ballgame!

Calling Papa to tell him all about where he is sitting. So stinkin' cute i could cry!

Another good photo op and prior to him HAVING to have a Tigers t-shirt. ha ha
What an experience to share with a child. This was one that we will never forget!


Rebecca said...

What an AWESOME experience for that sweet boy!!! LOVE all the pictures...just as soon as Wyatt's up in the morning I have to show him these! A very special memory...very well deserved!

Love you~ Rebecca

Elaine said...

Boy do I have a story to tell someday when we are together and need a laugh...just ask me about the brownies I made for the bake sale tomorrow!!

I need to go to bed but I just have to say these pictures really are worth a million words! Every one of them...Cole with the Claw, Cole and Daddy watching intently, Cole on the (pink!!) phone, Cole waiting for the fireworks...all just too precious for words. I think it is just so special that you three got this perfect night with Cole. And God bless the nurse who babysat...you guys have got it made...Lindsay has those nurses wrapped around her little finger!

So happy for you, Love, Elaine

Uncle Dan said...

Wow! That's is so awesome! I wish I could of shared that moment with Cole too! He is a Tiger fan now for good as he is "hooked." I am glad my little big leaguer got to experience that. So so special!! ....and they won too so thats good!!

Uncle Dan

aimee gillespie said...

Great pictures. Tell Cole I'm so jealous! We're usually in the nosebleeds when we go! I'm so glad you were able to take him to this game. It's something you all will never forget!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures! So glad all is going well and you had such a great time at the game. Cole and you guys definitely deserved it. Those one on one times are very precious.
Love, Nancy & Steve

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how great Lindsay looks..so happy-so sweet. You must be thrilled beyond words.
What an amazing experience for you and Cole...just one of many days at the ballfield in your future. Love to all of you!!
The Jewett Family

Jessica Twigg said...

Hey guys I am so glad that you all had so much fun!!! Cole I am jealous of your seats! LOL Suzie and JR I miss you guys and I am glad things are going well. I think of you all very much. Lindsay we love you and we are proud of you! You look great. Guys I hope that we can get together soon Love You! Jessica

Anonymous said...

Looks like all of you enjoyed the night and the game. Ballgames are the best and to experience them with your children is very special. Ian went to his first game at just a few weeks old in AZ. I'll never forget it...WE WERE GIVEN SO MANY DIRTY LOOKS FOR TAKING HIM OUT AT THAT AGE!

I will need to teach him that there is a better team though going to the west of Kzoo not to the east. The Windy City Northsiders an they reside at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field! Go Cubs Go!!!

Sounds like things are going weel for all of you. Life is definately wonderful for the Dean family again!!! Congrats to all of you.

Missing you all...

Mark Randall & family

Stephanie said...

How cool is that for a kid! Awesome pics!