Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new things happening

Last night was actually pretty great despite one of her new IV lines blowing and they had to replace it by finding a line in her scalp. Yes, Lindsay had her first haircut. :-( Not pretty either! Oh well, it won't last long and it's only hair. Ok, looks like the princess will indeed get a G-tube. We haven't had the official "yes" yet but all conversations with various departments of medicine indicates that that is what will be best for her. Even though after a swallow study etc, there is still a small chance of her aspirating again. Doctors don't even want a small chance. They want zero chance and I do have to agree that even though it is another surgery, JR and I tend to agree and then everyone can sleep a little easier at night knowing that that problem has been solved. Sooooooo, at 4pm today, she will be taken down to the cath lab for a new PICC line. Her blood labs have indicated that the infection is being taken care of and because of the high possibility that she will be having the G-tube surgery, she will need that line. It stinks, but this is just one more step in the direction of Kalamazoo!!!! We will probably hear about the G-tube surgery this evening and whether or not they can fit her in in the next couple of days. Darned weekend!!! ;-) Ok, I will update after her PICC line is in and if we hear any other news.
Love, Suzie


The Simmons Family said...

I'm so glad she's doing better!! It stinks to think of the Gtube when she was such a good eater before, but it is what it is and it will get you home. I'm anxious to hear how it goes and we'll be thinking of the princess.


Shaw Family said...

I am so happy to read that Ms. Lindsay is doing better. I will continue to keep praying. She is definately a fighter.

Anonymous said...

Power of Prayer working again. All I've read about Blood infections sometimes it doesn't turn out so good, so this was great news to hear. Praying the G-tube surgery goes well, and your sweet princess can be on the road to recovery.
Jill(blog follower)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the infection is starting to go away. Hang tough Princess!! :)

Holly said...

I'm praying that all the procedures she needs will go successfully!

Colleen Schomaker said...

This is my first comment that I am praying goes through! We so missed seeing you and hugging you goodbye today. It was so surreal, so strange. We are home now and it's good but hard too?! Tommy said goodbye to Lindsay this morning and was fighting back tears as he walked down the hall...he recovered ok when he realized he would see her on Monday. He just said to me,..'mom, I just love her so much!' I cried...again.
Ok, we are praying nonstop and I am so sorry about the gtube,..I know that's not the direction you wanted to go in. I pray for God's continued guidance and protection over your sweet fighter girl!
We love you guys...Colleen & TOMMY too!

The Butcher Family said...

So glad to hear the infection is better! Praying those drugs keep working & getting her blood all clear for heading home!!!
So, you know Annabelle had a g-tube...I struggled (I mean really struggled over it) but ended up loving it! I think it was a great option for her and it will be for Lindsay, too. It just makes it so much easier on everyone. Trust me, you can still dress her in almost anything and work around it!:) Plus, it will allow her to get her food straight to her tummy...where she needs it and where you can have peace of mind.
Praying this 4th means one step closer to the freedom of your own home!!!
And...the whole haircut deal...there isn't anything that can take away from those eyes!!! I know she's beautiful!!!

Love you~ Rebecca

Misty Warner said...

We are praying everything works out with the G-Tube and she gets to come home sooner than later. Rebecca is right, hair or no hair she's beautiful... Thoughts and prayers over the Fourth!!

Misty Warner and fam

Tiffany Lockette said...

You simply amaze me with your positive attitude and strength. I admire you dearly and I continue to pray for Lindsay. She is just a doll. I hope the G tube helps her and she can truly began the road to recovery. Many prayers!!