Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So many good pictures to share

It had been a week since Suzie and JR had held Lindsay. How special for them. JR was planning on returning to work this week, but just couldn't leave.

Lindsay's pink blanket is extremely special to us. Lindsay's Great Grandma Lindsay made this for Suzie when she was born. Grandma made all 6 of her grandkids these blankets.
Since Lindsay is being fed with feeding tubes, she's learning how to suck on the pacifier. So far she's taken to it and we hope this will prepare her for taking a bottle.
She's still in intensive care with one on one nursing care, but hopefully she'll move from there soon.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks great today!
I have been checking the site all day for an update. I am sure that it is awesome to get some time to hold her. Know that we are praying for the whole family and will continue to do so.
Mark, Barb, & Chad

colquitt5 said...

she is such a beautiful baby and she looks so good after her surgery! so many prayers are being offered up for her and you family.

syracuse utah

Anonymous said...

I am that JR and Suzie got to hold her. She is such a beautiful baby. I can't wait to see her again. Love Aunt Retta and Uncle Wade.

Anonymous said...

I should learn to check these before I send them. The last one should have said I glad that Suzie and Jr got to hold Lindsay. I am glad the boys got to see Lindsay. My thoughts are with all of you. Love Aunt Retta.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. Lindsay looks wonderful. I'm so thankful that she is doing so well. God is good. Looks like she taking to the pacificer ok. It was great to see her with her brother. My prayers continue daily for her and your whole family. Have a blessed day. Gayle (Missie's Mom)

Uncle Dan said...

Awe!! Lindsay is so cute!! I remember my blanket from Great Grandma Lindsay....Mine was blue and I think I slept with it until I was like 12. Hopefully she can do the same. We love you Lindsay!!

Uncle Dan, Braeden, and Camden