Thursday, June 12, 2008

Updated pictures

Lindsay now has the addition of feeding tubes through the navel, and a tube through her nose to clear out her stomach. The lighted thing on her left hand is an oxygen monitor and her right hand
it taped to a board where her IV is.
Suzie was able to walk down to visit with Lindsay and even got to change a diaper while she was there.
It's amazing to see all the equipment required to help these little babies.
Daddy's protective hand is on Lindsay's heart.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the precious pictures! What a sweetie! Thank you for keeping us posted with the blog. I have been thinking about all of you and wondering how everything is going.

Enjoy Lindsay :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Suzie smiling! Thanks for all the great pictures! Talk to you soon,

The B Family said...

I have fallen in LOVE! Her cheeks are so kissable! Suzie you look wonderful & so full of joy!
I am so glad that you enjoyed the Annabelle Basket...a very special little angel wanted to make sure that Lindsay was properly welcomed into this world.
Love & many heart hugs~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

She is such a doll!! Thanks for all the pictures...everyone looks great!! Miss you all and can't wait to squeeze those cheeks!!!:)

Allison said...

She is beautiful. What a true blessing little Lindsay is. Can't wait to meet her in person, the pictures are wonderful.

Praying for you, keep trusting the Lord. He is faithful.



Jessica said...

Awwww...look at that beautiful girl! Congratulations. :)