Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Aunt" Dani with Lindsay

Suzie was very lucky to have Dani come in from Oregon to be with her through labor.
She was a huge help and after watching Suzie work through contractions, she thinks c-sections are just fine.


The B Family said...

Lindsay is BEAUTIFUL!!! We are praying for you guys!
Heart hugs~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Okay you guys...this is true friendship: I woke up at 3 am, looked at the computer, and thought "I wonder if there are new pictures?" Am I crazy or what? And, at 3 am, there they were! So I don't know how late you were up posting them, but it appears we are equally crazy!

You all look great, and Suzie and Jr. look so incredibly happy, sitting there with their beautiful Lindsay. We send all our love and prayers and thank you again for keeping us all so involved. We love you to pieces, Elaine

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!! my own busy grown up world of caring for a parent, child graduating (yes, he's that old!!) and trying to keep up, I feel like I have so not been there for you. Just know I love and adore you and say my prayers for all of you every day. Whatever path we are led down, is the path we were chosen to take.

Cyber hugs and virtual kisses sent your way to the entire beautiful family......and to those surrounding you. May the warmth of others' love keep the chills of fear away.

Anonymous said...

Suzie: Your Fancy-Schmantzy Breast Pump is here! :)

Seriously...Linda: Cara shipped her breast pump from NY for Suzie because it has a much larger motor than her other one, and can pump both sides in about 20 minutes. It comes in a large purse-looking bag so she can take it anywhere with her and little Miss Lindsay can have all the breast milk they will allow!!

So...when Suzie and I talked about it last Tuesday, I told her I would post it here, so we could figure out how best to get it to Ann Arbor. I am hoping I can get it to whoever in the family is coming to see Lindsay over the weekend...Don and Sue perhaps? Or JR, if he comes home to see the boys? I will be out doing errands tomorrow, so I will have it in the car with me and you can call my cell (269 491 7518) and I will be happy to deliver it to someone. If no one is coming yet, or you don't need it yet, I'll just wait for directions. If you want to call me at home: (269 343 3325)

I hope you all got some rest and are having a good day,

Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Yep she is beautiful!!!

You look great Suzie !!

Love ya Lots