Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feedings going good!

Two down, and they stayed down!!!!! Third one went and then Miss thing decided to stick her fingers down her a little of it came up but the good news is that not all of it came up! So, other than her little stunt ;-), a-ok!
Update again soon~


Stephanie Winter said...

not cute Lindsay... we don't need eating disorders added to your resume! Hope you are feeling better and that it is just a little bug... come back home soon!
steph and crew

Olivia (CA) said...

Praying for the princess!

Anonymous said...

You are all still in My Prayers! God will keep a watch over her! She is in wonderful hands! Hugs! Sara D

Janel said...

Hey there Suzie and Lindsay! Let's get this feeding business figured out. Although we would love to see you, we don't want to see you next week at UofM! Good Luck, we will be thinking of you!

Janel and Jillian

Stephanie said...

Gotta love her...she always has a secret plan up her sleeve :)

Praying for her tonight. Hope you and JR get some rest and she continues to do well!