Friday, June 20, 2008

Another bump in the road FIXED

Well, last night Lindsay had a lung collapse. They were right on it , did an xray, found an air pocket, inserted a chest tube and fixed it. Her other lung has some stuff in it and their working on loosening it up.
The chest tube was left in just in case.

Her tummy is a little bloated so they're continuing the diuretict to get the fluid out.

The "goal of the day" is to get her regulated on her meds.

Heart Hugs,


Anonymous said...

God Bless you guys...the roller coaster continues! I am sure none of this is unusual after such serious surgery, but it must feel never-ending to you. I hope you are all getting your sleep. ( A little Xanax might not hurt either! :) ).. Just know we are all praying with all of our energy to help you through this and that we love you so much

Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

So glad that she is where she is. The Drs seem to be right on top of every little "bump in the road" that comes along. What a strong little girl you have; she must feel all the love and support around her (even if it comes from miles away).
A big hug from our family to yours.
Take care.
Love, Missie

Anonymous said...

Lindsey is BEAUTIFUL! Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this tough time.

The Geigers
Dan, Maggie, Ben, & Allison

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting Lindsay! We will keep praying! love,
Steph and Family

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all have such great doctors and nurses taking care of Lindsay. I hope today is a good day for her. Take care, much love

Anonymous said...

Keep going. This little girl will have some amazing tolerance, stamina, drive and faith when she gets through it.....all driven by the loved ones around her. I'll be out of touch as I head to Norway for the week and am hoping I'll have some internet access to stay informed. If I can't, just know I'm sending prayers from the Arctic Circle and wish I could hug in person.
with love,

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. We couldn't imagine what you are going through, but no child deserves to be ill. If there is anything we could do, or any girl things you need please contact us. I have a ton of newborn / baby girl things from my daughter Olivia (she's two years old), and we'd be glad to pass it on to you.

Kerri, Brian & Olivia Martin

(Brian has the red Ford Ranger, hopefully that will jog your memory as to who we are)

Kerri's e-mail incase you need baby stuff:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your are surrounded by wonderful doctors who are on top of every situation. My heart goes out to all of you - we all just want little Lindsay to feel better. With all of your support and love, she is a lucky gal.


Uncle Dan said...

I'm glad to hear that the Doctors were right there to help little Lindsay. She is a strong little girl. She takes after her mommy and daddy.....that's for sure! We love you little Linz!

Uncle Dan

Shannon Poortenga said...

More hugs and prayers to get you thru this Friday night. It's so obvious that Lindsay is in the best place possible, with wonderful DR's that are right on top of things to help with these 'little bumps' along the way. Bless their talent, knowledge and care. (and Go Blue...of course).
I wish we could be there to hug you in person and tell you how much we love you, all.

And, to the extended family...we are thinking of you all and praying for you too!!!

Much love and peace-
Shannon and Brian

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is a stong little gal. She has already proven that. It's amazing what these tiny little bodies can endure. I remember with my preemies it seemed to be two steps forward one step back, dr. said that was to be expected. Stay strong, you have lots of support and prayers back here at home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie, Jr, and Lindsay,

It is 10:30 pm and I am getting ready for the Groulx Clan to arrive in the am. Have been busy but finally got a minute to check on Little Lindsay, glad to here that Friday progressed well and no more bumps to over come today. Hope the weekend comes and goes without anything new, just recovery.

Love you and hope to see you next week, give Lindsay kisses from us. I am on vacation next week so they can fix the internet at work when they want too!!!

Have a great weekend.

Steve and Tina