Monday, June 23, 2008

Best day ever

Ok, I admit, I fell asleep last night when Bill put in a movie that's why you're getting a morning post from me. Pam (my sister in law) followed me home to Kalamazoo to overnight before returning to her temporary home in Iowa. I understand that John is meeting with the insurance adjuster today.

Yesterday was delightful starting out with Pam's visit, followed by Jeff and Carol Simpson fitting in a visit while in the area from New Jersey. While Lindsay had these visitors, Lindsay's respirator tube was removed and it was wonderful to see her face without so much tape. We're hearing a faint cry (something we haven't heard since she was born) and later in the day Suzie and JR were able to hold her. She was awake for them for about 4 hours falling asleep in Daddy's arms. Something we all take for granted with our children is such a huge deal to them.

I wanted to update these pictures including those without her respiratory tube and know that you will share our joy in this accomplishment.

I will be returning to Ann Arbor after I attend Jan's (my friend Pam's mom) funeral this afternoon. Everyone at visitation was so supportive of our plight with Lindsay joining in on our daily prayers for this new little life.

Heart Hugs,



Anonymous said...

So glad your sweet little Lindsay is making progress. Our thoughts are continually with you.
Travis, Jill & Reagan

Brenda and Don said...

Great news you guys!! I'm so excited for all of you, and she looks so good w/all of her wires and all. That is a great sign for all. Thinking and praying as always for you.
Don and Brenda

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear you had a good weekend! What a blessing to be able to spend some awake time with her!!

Julie Miles said...

And the countdown to removal of tubes/wires) begins! Getting off the respirator was one of our highlights for sure because now they're more portable and can be held! I'm so glad to hear that Lindsay's doing so well post-op. We're continuing to think and pray about you all daily.

Heart hugs,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...


I am so glad they have removed the vent tube that is great news. We are cheering for her here in Parchment. Love you guys

See you soon.

Steve and Tina

The Davidson Family said...

Progress,Progress,Progress what a strong little girl We are very happy with the great news in no time she will be home enjoying life with her whole family can't wait to see her. Love The Davidson Gang

Rebecca said...

WOW, what great news! She looks more beautiful everytime I see her. I'm so thrilled that things are going well for her. I just continue to pray for all of you.

Katie said...

Way to go Lindsay! One BIG hurdle down...keep up the great progress! You're sure a little sweetie...keeping you in our prayers.
Katie Allred
(Madison's mom)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are going well! We sure wish we could be there for the extra support. Please let us know if there is anything we can do long distance to help.
Mark, Barb, & Chad

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing with the great news and progress Lindsay is making - so wonderful. She's such a beauty, and those just pull you right in. She's looks so good - love and hugs to you all for continued good progress. We love you.
Shannon and Brian

Purple Teacup said...

Came over from Becky- will be praying for the family and that sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lindsay is doing well! Thanks for checking out our carepage. If you could use anything please don't hesitate to ask...I am local.

Jenni Black
CP: Joshuaspage (HLHS)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I follow your journey every day and I am constantly thinking of you. What a wonderful little girl! Congratulation on the progress she is making. Thinking of you all.

Love Ute

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear Lindsay is making such good progress!! You are in our thoughts everyday.
Brianne and Rob

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions you guys, 2nd shift here at LFI is keeping a close eye on the blog. Glad to hear everything is going well, keep the good news coming! We'll be thinking of you guys!

2nd shift

The B Family said...

Progress! Those small steps have such huge meaning! We pray for small steps every day.
Lindsay looks gorgeous with or without all that tape...although I know we all love seeing her without it!!! GO GIRL!
Blessings & Heart hugs~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Suzie, I have been following your blog, you have been blessed with wonderful family and friends. Your daughter is a precious darling. I'm so glad each day is better than the last. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember I am avaiable to take the boys to the Nature Center.
Chris Babiasz

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of all Lindsay's progress. She's doing great. I will forward your great news on to Jen the next time she calls. She is at Disney right now, the vacation you set up for them. They are having a great time.