Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 1 Post Op

Hi everyone:
I've been working on travel today and will meet Suzie and JR for some Tina food this evening and then visit Lindsay with them.

Their afternoon visit was delayed because when they work on any babies in the same area, no one can go in. We understand that.

The current update from them is that Lindsay is being weened off of the epinephrine and back onto morphine so she was a little more alert and actually opened her eyes and reacted to their touch. Suzie said that her eyes actually look blue. While they were in her room they met with her surgeon and he said that she's doing fantastic. Yes, those were his words.

It's a small world sometimes. When we were in talking to Lindsay's nurse yesterday she told us that she's been here for 20 years. I asked her if she remembered a family by the name of Grainger? She said, you mean Taylor? She actually took care of Taylor 16 years ago. Taylor is our special angel now ( I wear a wrist band in her memory every day) and this meant a lot to us that this special nurse (Jen) was our baby's caregiver. If Barbie and Ken (I mean Rob and Karen) are reading this, I hope in some way that gives you comfort.

I'll do my usual update later this evening.

Heart Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for taking all the time to update us so regularly! It's amazing and all the love and support from everyone sure shows! I am SO happy to hear the word "fantastic"! That's great news!!
I hope you are getting some much needed rest! I KNOW how hard that can be at a time like this, but don't forget to take care of yourself too!! Those postpartum horomones can make one a blubbering mess at times!! Let it out!! I LOVE you all and think of you all the time!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie,
Wow, you got a super report from the Dr. one hurdle crossed. We'll keep praying. Love seeing all the pictures. Your always wearing a smile. Your awesome!
heart hugs

The B Family said...

That is incredible news! Isn't so reassuring to see her surgeon there, too? I know it meant so much to me to see Annabelle's surgeon walking around and checking constantly on his little patients.
Praying for you daily...Go Lindsay!!!
Heart hugs~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

We are so thankful that Lindsay is doing so well. We are keeping the postive energy going for another good night and a nice day tomorrow. We love you all and are thinking of you always.

Love ya,

Steve and Tina

Uncle Dan said...

That is some good news from the Doctor. Mom, you don't know how much this blog keeps me going because I have been worried sick about my niece Lindsay. I wish I could be there for family support! You have no idea. Please stay strong Suzie and JR and know that you both are on my mind constantly. When god puts us in these situations nothing else seems to matter other than family. Lindsay looks more precious than ever and tell her that her uncle Dan loves her the next time you get to see her.

Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, "Fantastic" news!
thinking of you all
Missie, Steve, Ali and Bay

PS ditto on angie's comment. Suzie I hope you can rest a little. Take Care of You, too! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

we are so glad to hear the news from the doctor. we wish that we could be there to see lindsay, she is so precious. we will keep you in our hearts.

wesaw family

Anonymous said...

been keeping up on the updates-mark and i are thinking of you all.
i remember all to well the overnights in the hospital when it comes to your children-she looks beautiful(like her momma)!we'll keep looking on here-thank you for this-it's a nice way to see baby's progress and let you know that you all are in our thoughts-mark and valerie

Suzan said...

I'm so glad to hear Lindsay is doing well. Linda, you have done an incredible job keeping everyone so informed! I get on the blog every morning (or if I'm home every 5 minutes just in case!)to get updates on my beautiful niece and her amazing parents! I love looking at all the pictures...it makes us feel like we are there with you, even though we may be far away! I wish I could be there everyday to hug all of you!! Just know that I am always thinking of you. I love you and can't wait to see you soon!


Let me know if you need me to bring you anything from home when I come up...

Rebecca said...

Hey guys,

What great news. That has to make you happy. I know you're not out of the clear yet, but every little completed milestone is good news. I pray all goes well tomorrow and we get another postive update. I'm so glad that Suzie and JR have each other and are leaning on each other. Keep posting the pictures. I love to see your smiling faces and that beautiful baby girl. Prayers are continued.

Anonymous said...

Suzie,JR,Lindsay,Linda One more day closer to recovery she is sure a cutie and tell her that there will be a pink afghan ready for her when she gets ready to leave for home. All our prayers and thoughts are with all of you every day the updates are so nice to have thank you for them. Love seeing her eyes open bet it was a thrill for you too. Love you all heres to another good day.
Love Grandpa and Grandma DeVito