Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update and other family happenings

Elaine is exactly right about the timing that shows when blogs and postings are listed. Suzie and I just had that discussion about that today and she said there is a way to change that. To tell you the truth, guys, I am so proud that I can do this for them, to heck with the time issue. I'm afraid if I get in there to change it, I'll screw it up!

I e-mailed the Kalamazoo Gazette today to put the birth announcement in the paper and received a response that it would go in tomorrow or the next day. If some of you could save a few papers for us, that would be great.

I would like to take this opportunity to update my extended family about Dan's (my son) condition following his car accident. He returned to the Dr. today and they want him to start PT and is still on restricted duty 'til at least July 1st. He's working locally (in Pensacola) and working cases by phone. He's feeling terrible about not being here with the family at this time and has told me that this blog keeps him going. Seeing pictures of his little niece has been his therapy up to now.

Also, because of the Iowa floods, my brother John Lindsay and his wife, Pam have had their home on the Cedar River destroyed this past week. Then our prayers for them were answered by John's company (formerly Bandag) stepping up and offering their furnished corporate apartment for them to move into and Pam's employer, Wal-Mart has donated money to them. The entire county where they live has been declared a national disaster so FEMA is now involved. We just hope that organization has learned a lesson from Katrina. So they now have a place to live after they actually canoed out with their dogs to escape the rising water.

John cannot get over the fact that I've been so concerned for them when we are worried about a little life over here in Ann Arbor. Those of you that know our family realize we can spread our love for one another as thin as we need to.

When the water (that was up to the countertops) subsides they will go in and salvage what they can and decide what they're going to do. My other brother, Rick Lindsay and I would give John and Pam the shirt off our backs if we needed to. And then there's JR who said to me, "if we lived closer, they could move into our basement. It would be all set up for them." That's family love.

Trust me, this past week, I have had to remind myself that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. He is making me stronger for a reason. He spared my life when I was sick so that I could be here to help my daughter. I wondered why and now I know the answer.

Thanks for letting me catch my family up to date on my life through this blog. ( I figured there weren't any pictures tonight so what the heck.)

LOVE.......pass it on!

Heart hugs to all,


Anonymous said...

We love to hear everything! We love all the updates you do! Thanks Linda
Mary ( Rettas friend)

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

I am so glad it was a good day and she is doing so well. I am running a little late this morning, so just know we are still, thinking about you and praying for Lindsay. Have another good day!!!

Love Always,

Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Lindsay is doing well as Suzie, JR and Linda :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that many wonderful people from my school are also praying for you and checking your blog.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda, I was wondering about Dan and didn't even know all the rest. You all are in our prayers and our hearts.

Love, Karen