Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's going well

We saw Lindsay's eyes today and she's still doing very well. It's so nice to get some reaction from her.

Her blanket with the little heart on it is from Angel Annabelle and the bunny is from Grandma Dean.


Rebecca said...


Will you please send me your email address? Thanks. I have some info to share with you. My email is rebecca1506@suddenlink.net.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to do these updates! I have been checking the blog several times a day. Lindsay is just beautiful! It's great to see those precious eyes too :) Stay strong...you, Suzie and Jr are in our prayers.

I hope to see everyone very soon!


Brenda and Don said...

Gosh, she's so beautiful JR and Suzie. We're so glad she's doing so well, and looks it too. Keep on w/positive thoughts, I think everyone here is doing it. By the way, boys were great all day!! Played themselves into a big tired daze by the time Sue came. See you soon.
love, Don and Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hi JR and Suzie,

Sorry I have not made a comment since Lindsay was born. I have been praying and thinking of you daily!! We have been in the process of moving to the Sacramento area. We changed our mind on where we going to live in CA. Long story. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad to hear how strong she is and that her post op is going well. I love the picture with her eyes open. She is doll.
Linda - thank you for these updates. Since I am so far away it makes me feel like I'm going through this process with them and feeling every emotion. Keep your strength and you are all in my prayers.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to lindsay's eyes open! She is so beautiful! I checked all day today to see the update. If there was a ticker on how many times I checked today on this blog it would probably fall in the stalker range :) Ive been thinking and praying for all of you. By the way, Ethan would love to have the boys over... I'll call shannon and try to set something up! Love- Monica. Shawn and Ethan too!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Suzie, Jr and Beautiful Lindsay,

Well I am back to no pictures at work and can not post a comment there either so have to do it before I leave. She looks great I am so glad to see her eyes open that is wonderful. Have good day and give Lindsay kisses from us. We love you all.

Love Always,

Steve and Tina

Cara Winter said...

Suzie, Jr, Linda, Don & family:
Look at those eyes, she's GORGEOUS! I love her already, and can't wait to meet her! (And as Suzie said once about Avery, "can't wait to get my hands on her"!)

You hang in there; everyone is praying and rooting for her so hard, all you need to do is love love love her.

Love you, see you soon! --Cara

Anonymous said...

The lady that delivers the uniforms to the public safety department was telling me about this beautiful baby that needs extra prayers. What a surprise when I opened the blog and saw so many familiar faces! Lindsay is gorgeous! Please know that I will be praying for all of you as you make this journey together.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, she's just so adorable and precious. Lot's of love coming your way again today. Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gail said...

everyone in the powdercoat is praying for lindsay and wish jr and suzie well, we check out the block every day.

god bless, gail

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is beautiful! The pictures are precious, I'm sure she loves the kisses :) I have been checking the blog and praying constantly. I am thankful for all of your updates Linda! Enjoy yoru special moments with Lindsay,

Jen Hnilo

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is so beautiful and looks so alert. I am so happy that things are going well. We can't wait to see you all!

Heather said...

She is so precious and those pics of you guys kissing her are awesome. We continue to pray for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Dan just gave us the link to the blog last night, so we spent the evening reading and looking at pictures. Please know that our love and prayers are sent to all of you. I have already sent the link to many friends and family and asked for their prayers as well. I will be checking at least twice a day for updates. If there is anything that we can do please let us know.

Love to all,
Mark, Barb, & Chad

Anonymous said...

I love the comment about the number of times Monica has checked the blog putting her in the "stalker range"!! We all need a good laugh! And it is so true...I check all day even though I know approx when Linda is going to post! Well...there are pictures to look at...:)

As much as I love to chat (who...ME?)...I can't top the Dr's word: FANTASTIC news! Dr.'s don't use that kind of language easily, so that is so reassuring.

We love you so much...hug everybody for us, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. WOW...she is so beautiful. It is wonderful to see those beautiful eyes open!!! We can't wait to see her in person. We are so glad to see that everyone's prayers are being answered. We will continue to pray each and every day for all of you.

Stay strong and keep having faith...God has blessed you with a beautiful little angel.

The pictures are AWESOME- Lots of Love- Dave, Lisa, David, And Gabby

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the comments from the crew of girls.......what a wonderful community connected through a common bond and creating a great network of strength and love for you......sweat, tears, laughter and hardwork created special people to do special things. We're all here for you... from the gym floor now to the prayers by your side.......we love you and know that Lindsay has great things waiting for her. Smile!! It always raises the score!! love you, kyle

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I love the pics with her eyes open. Thanks for the updates. We are keeping all of you in our prayers.

Ann & Howard

Uncle Dan said...

Lindsay is so precious! We love you Lindsay!!

Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

Linda, I so grateful for the all the updates. Don thank you for calling Mom, she informs me when I'm not at work. Our prayers have been answered in a fantastic way. She has a special place in all our hearts. God bless her! God be with all of you and give you the needed strength.

Love, Karen S.

The B Family said...

Her eyes hold so much truth and strength! Such a strong little girl! It cheers my heart to see her with her heart cloth from the basket...the design on it was drawn and then digitized specifically for the baskets for all these precious heart babies. (The boys are blue, of course)
Praying daily for you all and for precious Lindsay...
Heart hugs~ Rebecca

Jessica said...

What a sweet little girl! She's in our prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

She's even more beautiful with her eyes open. How heart-warming to see Angel Annabelle's blanket keeping Lindsay warm after her surgery. So sweet. Everyone at the pre-school is still thinking about you guys and will continue to keep Lindsay and your whole family in our prayers.

Aimee Gillespie

The Davidson Family said...

Stay strong - she is beautiful. Congrats a hundred times over, we are all thinking of you all!

Thanks again for keeping us all up to date. -Davidson's