Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little kink this morning (literally)

Suzie and JR received a phone call about 8:45am concerning Lindsay. When they arrived at the hospital the surgeon was there working on her "bedside". Her saturations (SATS) had gone down during the night and had come back up but this morning they went down and didn't come back up.

The Dr. did an echo and found that the shunt had a kink in it. He temporarily straightened it out, right there bedside, until they can take her back to surgery about 12:30pm to go in and actually shorten the shunt. In the mean time, they are keeping her blood pressure higher. The Dr. is fine with the size of the shunt, it just needs to be shortened.

Luckily, they didn't think she was ready to close yesterday and he can get to the problem without having to open her chest again.

I'll update as soon as possible after the surgery.

Heart Hugs and a prayer request to all,


Anonymous said...

Just answered your prayer request. But didn't limit it to just Lindsay
Love Rick

gail said...

we will say prayer for lindsay at 12:30 here at lfi,

god bless, gail

Anonymous said...

We are all still praying for you, and please know that MANY others are, as well. You were added to the prayer chain at Northpoint Church (in Plainwell) and have hundreds more people praying for Lindsay, and for you ALL as well. We love you guys (have I mentioned that yet??? ha ha). Thanks for the updates Linda, they mean so much to us.
Shannon Poortenga

Anonymous said...

JR and Suzie,
Just wanted to send a note that we are thinking of you during this trying time for your family. Best wishes in the days to come. Lindsay is BEAUTIFUL! Love, Anne, Andy, Michael, and Nicholas Khazad

Anonymous said...

Be strong Lindsay! We love you. We are praying for you constantly!
Steph and Bob and Family

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Linda is so together as to make this headline a clever joke ("kink")...God Bless You! We are praying very hard for this unexpected procedure. God Bless the U of M doctors too...(insert U of M fight song here! "Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail to the Victors valiant"...)they seem to be so on top of things...and we need a victory here!

Linda...if there is anything we can all do for John and Pam, let us know. After all you have this huge group of supporters out here...a captive audience you might draw from. If we need to start collecting household items and clothing to send them or something once they decide what to do about their house, we could all pitch in. In the meantime, we can add them to our prayer requests.

Love, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

Blessing to all of you and peace from God our Father in Heaven. Lindsay, such a precious and beautiful baby. Been praying daily for her and your family. Praying that Lindsay's procedure goes well today. The web site is great. What a wonderful way for everyone to know what is going on. Keep the faith. "We put our hope in the Lord; he is our protector and our help." Psalm 33.20
From Gayle (Missie's Mom)

~**Emily**~ said...

Hi there! COnGrAtS on your new little sweet cheeks! My name is Emily. I have been following your story thru Becky Muhammad (Fogg). She is my cousin. I am a NICU nurse at Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital in Grand Rapids. It is by and far, one of the biggest blessing of my life to care for little ones like Lindsay. I am praying for you and following your story every single day. These kiddos are fighters and if you ask any one of us who care for these little ones day in and day out... they DO hear our prayers!

GOD BLESS your beautiful family of FiVe:) YEA FOR PINK!

Emily, RN, NICU, Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital