Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movin' on up!!!

Well, we had an exciting day here in Ann Arbor. Lindsay was able to get moved to the moderate care area and we had Elaine and Bill visit this evening. They were generous enough to take us out for dinner too. Man, did that feel good!
Lindsay will hopefully get her last chest tube out tomorrow and start doing normal baby things. I can even start dressing her!! So, stay tuned for more cute pictures! Can you tell that I'm excited? We still have to keep a close eye on her but things are going well for the most part.
If you haven't guessed yet, it is finally Suzie posting! Mom is back in town for the rest of the week and will be joining me again on Sunday night to take over for JR as he returns to work next week and will be back on Thursday the 3rd. We have had a long and exciting day but time for bed. Until tomorrow.........
Love and heart hugs,
Suzie and JR my UT&T girls.......People magazine page 54.....HELLO Slater!!!!!! This is what I do while waiting at the hospital :-)


colquitt5 said...

it is amazing how well and fast she is recovering. What a strong little one she is! Our prayers are still with you and your family:)


Anonymous said...

You go Lindsay girl!!!! Thanks for the posting Retta and I check when we got into work and just now how exciting you made our night!!!! Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for keeping us posted on Lindsay. I am glad she is doing so good. The good news will keep us going for the rest of the night at work, its 4:15A.M., I get off work at 6:30. Hope you have another good day. Love Aunt Retta

Suzan said...

WOO HOO!!! That's fantastic news!!! I can't even imagine how excited the 2 of you must be! Can't wait to see pictures once you get to do "normal" baby things ;)! She's such an amazing little girl...give her a great big kiss for me.

JR must be heartbroken knowing he has to come home on Sunday! We will be around so let us know if you need help with anything around the house (or if you just need a hug or company!).

Hope you have another fantastic day. I can't wait to see you all again!


Anonymous said...

Yeah he is like naked in that pic.....glad you get to see it, if not we would have saved them for you, lol
So glad everything is going well, it is good here too, I am working the tanner today so I am excited about that!
Angie and I were just saying it feels like forever since we have seen you! We are praying that Linsday will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I am SOOO happy to hear how well Lindsay is doing!! That's great, she obviously is a very strong little girl!!
So, you are enjoying the Slater photo shoot??? What a hot bod!! Ashley thought the "tucked" pic was gross! Silly girl!! That was last weeks got some cathching up to do!! I am working hard and waiting for my favorite mail lady to come, maybe the new one will come today!!:) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Suzie / JR,

Think of you both, as well as Lindsay and your two young men. Heart Hugs to all as you head into this weekend. Glad to know you had the time for blogging. Like others, I check each morning, and then several times during the day. Have several on my staff also following the progress. You have a full team of well wishers here in Southern California.
Uncle Rick

Jean E. said...

Fantastic news!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful family.........just returned home after a day being stranded in Amsterdam and waited with held breath to open the blog and see what I've missed. I open it to the eyes and open face of your beautiful little girl!!! Yay!! So wonderful to see the postings and see the happiness surrounding you. Keep it up! I'm so happy for the progress and still praying for the journey and all of you.
btw........Norway is a land of breathtaking beauty........God's hand is everywhere and I see now why the cruise ships are in and out of the little town I was teaching in (Aalsted)...midnight sun, a little chilly, but amazing endorsement for the travel business while we're at it!!!

many hugs........

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that she is doing so well. We are leaving to go back to North Carolina tonight. I was hoping to get over there to see you but ran out of time so I'll see her next trip. Take care and give her a kiss for me.



Brenda and Don said...

What wonderful news for you all!!!I'm so excited for you guys. Just seeing how well she looks, is an inspiration to all who have been praying for little Lindsay. It was a hot muggy one for the little ones today, didn't keep Trev and Cole from playing their baseball games though. Mosquitos are out in full force here too, had to get combo of sunscreen/bug spray!!! They had a good day, hope you all did as well.
love to all
Don and Brenda

Anonymous said...

What a precious baby girl Lindsay is! I've just finished reading all of your postings, and am so happy to hear that things are going well. This site is absolutly beautiful. It not only shows all of the love you have for baby Lindsay, but also the tremendous love your whole family shares. Your vigilance and love will see her through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you all
Hugh and Debbie Chapman

Anonymous said...

She is such a strong little girl, just amazing. Thanks for keeping us up to date so we can pass word along. There are so many people praying and thinking of your family constantly. Some you don't even know but they about Lindsay and she is in their hearts as well.
Mom and send their regards, prayers, and love too.
Love Karen S.

Anonymous said...

What amazing news. Like Stephanie mentioned, we had a great time at the park with Cole and Cruz. Super hot and muggy so we all wimped out pretty quickly, but the kids had lots of fun while they were together. Of course Lynn had to rub it in and tell us all that she got to see Lindsay while she was in Ann Arbor! She says, like so many others have, that Lindsay is even more beautiful in person. Our continued prayers for your family and I can't wait to meet her.


P.S. Hannah wants you to know how pretty she thinks Lindsay is she had a fun time at the park with the boys.

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

I have been checking everyday but time was so short with the visitors from NC didn't seem to find the time to write. I am so excited to here that she is out of ICU and on to the next level. That is wonderful. We are always here if you need anything, just ask. Got your note today in the mail, thanks for that, we can hardly wait to really hold her. She will be so spoiled you will probably runall of us out of town. Love ya lots and keep smiling.

We love all of you.

Love Always,

Steve and Tina

PS: Grandma D is still checking everyday but has not been able to comment yet. She sends her love and prayers everyday. She can hardly wait to see her.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Suzie!! Lindsay is a strong little gal with a strong family!