Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Surgery Evening

Cole made this sign for Lindsay's bed.
Mom, Dad, and Lindsay with their special bonding.

Happy Happy Father's Day, JR. There's nothing he would have wanted more. Not even tickets to the MIS race even though JR won.
I knew that I needed to do the post surgery update as soon as we got into the cafe to have a bite to eat so I quickly downloaded the pictures 'cause I know you all love them more than what I write but now I'm back at my hotel after going in again to see Lindsay and I'll do my evening update.

I wish you all could have seen the love in the room between Suzie and JR. They held each other with so much caring. I wish now that I had taken a picture of them. They are so going through this together.

One thing I left out is that the Dr. said he had only seen one other baby with such a small aorta. This was a concern to him, however he seemed confident with the shunt that he installed. He explained how the heart will still be doing double duty until the next surgery. I guess I really hadn't understood that.

Lindsay is being ventilated because they don't want her to do the work of breathing on her own yet. They've told us that's perfectly normal.

We have had our friends, family and other heart families reach out to all of us and we're thrilled to have each and every one of you checking this blog so faithfully. We're all witness to the power of prayer. We're thankful for every day.

Jen had asked if she could send something to Suzie and JR. They are living at the Ronald McDonald House in Ann Arbor, Room 14, thanks to all of you with your contributions.

Trust me, this blog is a gift to them each and every time they bring it up. I just hope you all realize that you are helping no matter how far away you are.

I hope you enjoy these pre-surgery pictures of JR's special Father's Day with his daughter. It was interesting to hear Suzie and JR explain how complicated it is for them to prepare her to be held with everything that's hooked up to her. Notice Suzie got in on the Father's Day action too!
Heart Hugs to all of you!


Anonymous said...

praise God!! You dont know us. We have followed your blog through precious Angel Annabelle's link as the Butchers are dear friends of ours after our babies spent weeks side-by-side in January when they went through their heart surgeries together.

I have been reading sweet Lindsay's story and you all have been heavy on my heart as I vividly recall the waiting game on surgery day and knew just how to pray for you guys! May the Lord Jesus continue to heal your sweet girl and keep her precious heart strong!

Mandy Smith and baby Evangeline

Anonymous said...

Hello Dean Family I hope you are all doing well. Words cannot express my concern for Lindsay and your whole family. I apologize this is so tardy but I was unaware of your struggles until just recently. I pray for you, Suzie and Jr. to stay strong together and take care of each other. Your love appears to be your best attribute(and has always been for you Suzie) you have always had that special spark about you and a special quality that I am sure all 3 of your children have too, and from the pictures gorgeous Lindsay definitely has it already! Your family is amazing and I too could not help but cry while reading this web page. I cried in grief for Lindsay's struggles but I also cried in admiration for the strength you and your whole family are showing in this trying time. I will keep your family and especially Lindsay in my prayers and ask for a special prayer for her on the prayer list. I am sorry this is so long but I feel like there is so much I want to say to you. I will stay updated and visit the site regularly. Suzie as you are reading this I have my arms around you giving you a great big hug!
December "Sunny" Gibson

Anonymous said...

Well,Linda, just for the record...I LOVE to read what you write! Yes, the pictures of beautiful Miss Lindsay and family are precious, but the information is in the writing! Your description of Suzie and JR today made me cry buckets because that kind of love is what gets us through these times in our lives...thank-you for giving us that little glimpse into your time with them. Oh, gosh...I just love you guys so much...

And to Rebecca, Julie and the other HLHS moms: you will never know what your selfless reaching out to Suzie has meant to all of us. She knows you are there for her ...and that you alone know exactly what she is facing...that is just a priceless gift. God works in mysterious and wondrous ways.

Rebecca: we all grieve with you
still and even though we have never met, we feel that we know you. Please know that all of us who love Suzie and her famlily also love and pray for you and your family and that we appreciate your outreach to Suzie more than words can ever say. THANK YOU!

I'm getting all sloppy so I'll go to bed and leave some room for someone else!

Love to all, Elaine

Uncle Dan said...

I am sitting here with Braeden as we are getting ready for "night night" and we are looking at the pictures of Lindsay on the blog. He keeps pointing at the computer and saying something with excitment (not quite able to make it out yet) but I think he is telling Lindsay that everything is going to be ok and he can't wait to come up to MI and play with her and her two older brothers. I get a smile out of him everytime we look on here together. We are praying for you every moment of the day. We love you Lindsay and we can't wait until you get all better!

Uncle Dan & Cousin Braeden

p.s Cousin Camden was looking at Lindsay too and smiling just before he fell asleep in my arms. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad Linsay is doing good. I know that your grandfather Butch is looking over you, I wish he could be here to see you. My thoughts are with all of you.
Lots of Love Aunt Retta

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay,

Good Morning, it is 6:30 am and I am on my way to work. Just wanted to send you a Good Luck message for the day. Lindsay looks so good in the pictures, and hope she had a restful night. You are consantly in our thoughts and prayers. Oh yeah Grandma has been trying since last Saturday to leave you a message but can't get it to work, so for Grandma and Grandpa DeVito, keep your chin up, and keep smilin. Give Lindsay a kiss for all of us here in Parchment. We love you guys,

Have a great Day!!!


Steve, Tina, Grandma and Grandpa DeVito

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! We were so happy to hear from Don & Sue that Lindsay's surgery went well. What a strong little girl and no wonder she is a DEAN!! Our prayers are with you daily and know God will give you strength to go through each day with the Love of family and friends. God Bless the drs, nurses & care takers for the love they give Lindsay daily. God is good and may he keep on giving Lindsay the courage to fight. Thank you for the updates I check it every day. It was good to see grandpa Don in a picture. JR, Suzie, Cole & Cruz your love I feel in each word and picture of your family is a blessing to ALL.

In Christ,

Steve & Linda Rogers

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Praise God! Hope everything went well through the night. Linda, yes we love the pictures, but we need your words, too. Thank you for taking the time to do this for Suzie and JR. I am sure you were exhausted yesterday. Here's a verse that helps me to rest at the end of the day: Psalm 4:8 says "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." We are praying for your continued safety over there and for a healthy recovery for Lindsay. Love, Bob, Steph, Garrett, William and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Continued thoughts and prayers for everyone. Lindsay has been born into a wonderful family.

Jen Hnilo

Anonymous said...

we absolutely love the pictures!! you all are in our hearts and on our minds more than you know. the kids are anxious to meet their new friend. jordan is excited to finally have a girl camping buddy! i am sure that lindsay will fit in with all the boys just like jordan, the two of them will be "in charge" together before you know it!

wesaw family

Peter & Melissa Eldridge said...

My mom (Jackie Vaughn) wanted to let the two of you know that she is praying for you and watching the blog everyday. She thinks of you all the time.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great- thanks for the updates. She looks like a fighter. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Howard and Ann

Rebecca said...


Thank you so much for all the updates you are giving. My first stop everytime I get to the computer is to this blog. I can't imagine all the emotions that Suzie and JR are going through right now. I continue to pray that God will wrap his hands around little Lindsay and hold her close to him. That he will heal her heart and make her strong. She has touched so many lives already. God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter in the world than to see a daddy holding his little girl. You can see the joy and pride in Jr.

Difficult times like this tend to show what a marriage is really made of and it's such an inspiration to hear that your love is strong and will continue to grow as you go through this together. At the end of the day, love for each other is all that matters. Stay strong.

Aimee Gillespie

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know, that I continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. My son Braeden has had all three surgeries at U of M(He has HLHS) and is doing well. The staff there is amazing! We will continue to check in on Lindsay's progress.

~Stephanie(mommy to Braeden)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Suzie, JR and Linda. What wonderful photos of Fathers Day - thanks Linda, for taking the time to post all of this - it somehow makes us feel like we are 'there', with you. And it's such a comfort knowing that God continues to send his blessings and watch over your family. And the love shown thru JR and Suzie brings tears to my eyes.....

We love you and wish you the very best for today!!!!

Shannon and Brian Poortenga

Brenda and Don said...

Hi you guys,,I left a message here last nite, but somehow it's not here. So, here goes again. We are all so thankful things went well yesterday. You have so many people praying for you and little Lindsay, that there is no way she isn't going to make it thru all of this ok. Dani called me after speaking w/Linda, and I want to thank you Linda for calling her, she was so worried for you all, and being so far away in Oregon, she wanted to keep up. The boys are here now, and they are having a ball w/Trevor and Colby. I'm sure they're going to be tired for Dad and Sue tonite. Continued prayers for all, love you,
Don and Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hi all........I hold my breath to wait for the updates and pictures. Solid prayers and mental pillars sent your way to hold everyone up through this. God is holding all have to silently watch the powers at work. She is beautiful!! Thank you for the updates. I'm sure they are as a much a release for you as anything....keep sharing. With my love......Kyle

Rebecca said...

Suzie, JR and family,

Just wanted you to know that I contacted my pastors at my church in Jonesboro, Arkansas and had you all added to our prayer list. You've got a lot of extra thoughts and prayers coming your way! We love you guys. Keep staying strong.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy everything is going well!!! I was reading some of the comments left by others and there is so much support for you and your family. I'll continue to pray for you all, and I look forward to your next update.


Anonymous said...

Dear JR and Suzie,
I have been checking the blog daily and am so grateful to your mom for updating us all. Her insistence that these messages are supportive to you has convinced me to leave one....
The pictures are amazing and Lindsay is absolutely beautiful. I was sobbing when I saw that JR got to hold her for Father's Day. I am so glad for that. It is amazing what we take for holding our babies. I give mine an extra squeeze when I think of you guys and what you must be going through. I truly wish there was something we could do to make everything okay. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and we look forward to more good news about her progress.
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace