Friday, June 13, 2008

Surgery on Monday

Hello to all:

We've been told that Lindsay's surgery is going to be scheduled on Monday. I'll keep you all posted on that.

Suzie went back to work today. Yes, that's right she's working on travel bookings. We tagged teamed from my hotel room today while she was on the computer, I slept. She ended up in tears and said, "I can't do it all". I'll kick it up a notch and relieve her of that stress as much as possible.

Lindsay's on morphine to keep her calm until surgery. She seemed so at peace tonight when we visited her.

Honestly you guys, we would feel so alone without all of you checking in on this blog. Normally when you have a baby, lots of people are able to come up to see you and the new little one. We're all the way over here and we have this wonderful way of communication.

Even as Grandma, I haven't been able to hold my precious namesake granddaughter. I don't know how she feels or smells. I'm so thankful that Suzie had me so prepared so that I didn't go through disappointment in not being able to do so. I look at her and think she looks like a dark complected, dark haired Cruz (Sorry Cole). Her coloring is flawless and I think a Lindsay should be dark haired.

Yesterday we had visitors, Grandma Dean; JR's brother, Ken; his wife Suzan; son, Zachary; JR's sister, Deb; and daughter, Samantha. Then, Don and Sue arrived with the kids. What joy we had with family.

Tomorrow we're expecting Great Grandparents Dee and Clarence along with Uncle Robb and Aunt Carole. Our friend Tina Terry is also going to drive over tomorrow.

Well, time for this grandma to hit the sheets. Tomorrow's update will be here before I know it.

Heart hugs to all of you,


The B Family said...

Praying for a Miracle Day on Monday! Enjoy your weekend with her~ She is so beautiful!!!
Heart hugs~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Everything here is FINE. We are keeping the place up and running! We had a busy day for tanning yesterday which was surprising since it was so hot outside! I am thinking of you all the time and wish I could come give eveyone hugs!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts, love, and prayers. Thank you all for the blog spot and these updates.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Suzie isn't working on our vacation! If she is, we're switching travel agents:-)

Take it easy and know that Monday we'll have God so flooded with prayers that He won't know what to do. Lindsay has been on our church prayer chain for a few weeks, but I'll pass on the updates and have them pray accordingly. We're all thinking about you guys and wishing you the best.

Aimee Gillespie

Peter & Melissa Eldridge said...

We are praying for everyday to go well, but especially Monday. Stop working!!!!! You need to relax!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma, Suzie and JR--we think of you and that beautiful little girl constantly and speak of you often. We hate that we are all the way across the country and unable to give you our hugs and support in person!
Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and stay strong.

Suzie, work from there if it helps to try to keep you grounded, but if not, don't. You are such a wonderful person and a dedicated worker, but you can't do it all--let those around you who love you take some of the load. There is only one person that needs you right now--everyone else will manage to get through this.

We love you all--and pass our love to Grandpa Bill, too.

Rick, Debbie and Jen

Anonymous said...

Extra prayers for Mondays surgery. I am so thankful to have the blog to check. Suzie I am sending hugs your way. I wish I could do more for you.

Jen Hnilo

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr, Lindsay,and Linda,

I just got back home and can't stop thinking about the day. I am so glad I came to see Lindsay, she is so beautiful. You are in our thoughts every minute. Thanks for a great day.


Tina and Steve

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful. Her cheeks are so sweet. We'll all be thinking of you on Monday. Take care and I'll see you in a couple weeks.

Love Always,
Amanda Groulx

The Simmons Family said...

Lindsay is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will be saying extra prayers for Monday. Enjoy the weekend with your sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

Your always on my mind. I too, am so glad to be able to check in on you guys and see how things are going. Linda your doing a great job with your postings. By the way Suzie you look great! Extra prayers on Monday, enjoy your weekend.
Happy Fathers Day J.R.

Anonymous said...

Posting 11 is from me. I messed up trying to send it.

Uncle Dan said...

Happy Father's Day to you JR! I bet you are a proud papa to your three little ones. You sure are a great Daddy to them. Have a great day and our prayers are with you!

Dan, Rebecca, Braeden, and Camden.