Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're being tested and we're passing

Hello everyone:

Suzie had some contractions this morning which subsided, but she's experiencing water retention and took the day off to rest and put her feet up.

I spent the day with my friend, Pam, at the Hospice where she has put her mom this week. I can't believe we are going through these events at the same time, but when I tell you all the updates this week, you'll see it's not the only thing going on in our lives. God never gives us more than what we can handle and we just turn it over to him.

Our son, Dan, (Suzie's brother) was in an automobile accident in Jacksonville, FL this week and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital with a concusion. He's now resting back at home in Pensacola and we wish him a speady recovery. "Dan, thanks for wearing your seat belt!" Hopefully he will still be able to join us in Ann Arbor next week.

Also, to top it off, Suzie's Dad, Don has to have back surgery on Monday. The Dr's don't want him to wait even a couple of more days, so we're all going to pick up the slack. What would we do without Aunt Carole, Uncle Robb and great friends like Steve and Tina who said they would drop everything to help out with the kids. We have many backup volunteers, so we should be just fine. I just hope Don can recouperate quickly so that he can be with Suzie and JR later on in the week in Ann Arbor.

All this happening and then yesterday the sun shone through when Suzie received an Annabelle Basket from the Butcher family. For those of you that have been following this blog, you know about Angel Annabelle (Lindsay's personal angel). This is the way God works. Suzie found Annabelle's blog when Lindsay's condition was diagnosed. She was expecially drawn to Annabelle because HLHS is more frequent in boys. Suzie needed Annabelle and was attached to this family who was just months ahead of their own journey. When the Butcher's lost Annabelle, I saw my daughter fall to peices grieving for this little girl that she had never met but felt so close to. I don't know if the Butcher's will ever know how much we care about them and how much of an inspiration they have been for Suzie. But, they sent this basket with cute little things that an HLHS baby can use. See the link to Angel Annabelle from this post to see what the Butcher family is doing with these baskets.

I thank God for all the other "heart" families that are reaching out to us with encouragement during this time. We know you all through your children's hearts and appreciated your contact with us through our journey.

I loved Elaine's post and I will be with laptop in hand to keep you all updated as often as possible. Suzie taught me how to upload the pictures, so you'll have them as fast as downloading will allow.

Once again, we thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, please add Dan and Don to those prayers too.

Heart Hugs,
Linda Lindsay Smith


Jessica said...

Wow! Its getting so close. :) I'm Sorry your family is experiencing so many trying events right now. You all are in our prayers! That is a beautiful family picture by the way. :) I can hardly wait to see pictures of your sweet Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

I love you all SO much! I wish I could be closer, so I could be of some use. So for now, I'm thinking of you guys, and praying for you, and sending Good Vibrations. See you soon!! Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to updates on baby Lindsay. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see little Lindsay! What a journey.

The Davidson Family said...

I have known Jr and Suzie for a few years now and I have never heard one person make a bad comment about them, They have always been fair and very nice and excepting people which makes me ask myself, Why are they having to go through these problems and I am not sure of the answer. Maybe they are being tested but at any rate I can say that Lindsay Raye is a very lucky little girl along with Cole and Cruz to have a set of parents like JR and Suzie. Our house wishes them all the luck in the world and they are in many prayers and thoughts everyday and night good luck on the journey it is well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi JR and Suzie.....
I know today is the big day of your delivery. I have been thinking of you all day today and hoping that everything is going your way today. I'm sorry to hear of all the trying things going on in your lives right now, but I know how strong you are to handle it. Lindsay is in such great hands with the both of you and I can not wait to see her picture! Please know that even though I am not close I think of you often and pray for your family. I love you all and love your family picture. You are a beautiful family. In god's love, Dawn Groves

Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking about all of you and wishing everyone all the best! I am anxiously awaiting updates! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you have probably seen this poem, but I though it was quite fitting for tonight!

Twas the night that you joined us...all eyes were on earth.
Awaiting with joy for a most special birth.
The angel's stood ready...for each need and care,
But all of them knew... that the Lord would be there,
And I labored on... and daddy was scared,
We waited...and wondered... and hoped we'd prepared.
We knew you were special...but so very sick,
Yet hope had grown in me... with every kick.
And soon it was time...into this world you came,
I heard a soft cry... then I called out your name....
And God held your hands...while the angels stood by,
Since I could not hold you...they hushed your soft cries.
One small angel looked to the father and smiled,
"Can you truly teach hope... through such a small child"?
"An infant so helpless...a baby so new...
"Oh please tell me this what you will do"?
God looked from the the baby's sweet face,
"Through him my young charge... they will learn about grace".
"I penned this child's journey...quite a long time ago,
"And through his great courage...such true love will grow".
"Every hair on his head has been numbered you see.."
"It's my hope that through him... they will learn to see me.
"Oh my little one with a special heart..."
"Great love will see you through.."
"See look that is your family.."
"They've been waiting for you.."
"I send you to their waiting arms...for a time we'll be apart.."
"But I'll always be with you...for I live within your heart.
And so we held you in our arms...
And thanked our Lord above..
In you...we see the miracle,
of His undying love.
So when it's Christmas morning,
And I watch my children play,
I'll need no great reminders,
For I see my gifts each day.

(Mommy to Braeden, HLHS)

Anonymous said...

Susie & family, I'm sorry, you are going through such a difficult time. We pray God and his angels give you comfort/strength, Lindsey strength, and everthything her doctor's need to help her. Look forward to seeing pictures. Grandma Linda and I will have to share grandma pictures :)
Marsha & Dan

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie and Jr,

Finally figured out how to post a comment, can't do it at work. So just wanted you to know I am thinking of you, two and Lindsay. I know she will be beautiful.
See You Soon!!!