Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feeding Frenzy!!!

Lindsay has had a wonderful day and eating like a little piggy. She is up to 80 cc's every 3 hours and not one spit up! She has taken allot of that in her bottle but, if she is sleeping, we don't awake the princess, :-) and just give it to her in her NG tube. She is still doing well with her weaning and might be in moderate care tomorrow or the next day. We shall see. There is one medication that she is still on that is holding her back from the move so hopefully by Thursday we will have a new address in this place! There is a picture below of another nurse favorite of ours, Jen Alberts. As you can tell by the little grin on Lindsay's face, she kind of likes her too. Yes folks, she is smiling!! I can't even begin to tell you my feeling when I saw that again for the first time in almost 3 weeks!
Praying for Lindsay to continue on her good feeding frenzy and to tolerate weening off her meds so that we can get the heck out of the PCTU. Love all the people that work in POD A but it is time to leave ...and soon!!!! We will miss our nurses for sure! We will be back again relatively soon though.
JR and I have a meeting ,about Lindsay and getting her on the transplant list, tomorrow with a few people from the transplant team and one or two of the cardiologists. So, big day I think. Lindsay is also getting her ART line out tomorrow as well. (the other line in her groin)So, off to bed I go but I hope these pictures make everyone sleep well tonight.
Heart Blessings from Ann Arbor!
Love, Suzie

PS Elaine.....Jr was reading your post from earlier today and he said that you should wear big pink bows on your head instead of ribbons! ha ha Seriously, you all are so incredibly giving, it is unbelievable. We are so blessed with awesome family and friends. We are very humbled as to what everyone is doing for us. From the bottom of our hearts, and Lindsay's half of one, we love each and every one of you


Anonymous said...

It is so great that Lindsay is improving! I am so happy for you guys! We will continue to pray for a fast recovery!
God Bless!
Nicole Gibson and family

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Look at that beautiful smile!!! Lindsay is such a doll! Praying for a speedy recovery and move - and for your meeting tomorrow.
Amanda - SC

Elaine said...


Everyone please go back and read my post from Monday's comments...it explains we have a group planning fundraising and that more info will be posted on the blog soon. Thanks...Elaine

Anonymous said...

Suzie you look so happy..I am so glad she is smiling again! Our little drama queen is back!! I am sure you have missed that grin. I sure do! good luck with the meeting tomorrow. We love you!

dani- mark and kids :)

The B Family said...

My heart soars for you, Suzie! Lindsay's smiles don't just light up the room...they light up the country!
Has the princess gotten a little gift lately? I just want to make sure it found her!
Love & prayers~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Glad that Lindsay is eating so good. I wish you good luck with your meeting today. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Tina if you read this let Wade know how I can get some items to you for the bake sale this Friday. Love Retta and Wade.

Maggie Geiger said...

SMILES??? I love it!!!! I'm so glad to see them on all of you! Good luck with your meeting today, our thoughts and prayers are with you. If we end up wearing big pink bows, I'll get plenty of pics Jr!!

Dan,Maggie,Ben, & Alli Geiger

aimee gillespie said...

How wonderful to turn on my computer this morning and see Lindsay smiling at me! What a great start to the day. Praying that your meeting goes well today. And a note for JR - I'm all about a big pink bow on my head on Friday. If we can find them, we'll be wearing them! And, like Maggie said, you'll have picture proof! :-) Have a great day you three.

Aimee, Steve, Ryan and Hannah

Stephanie said...

That could be the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen!

What a relief to see that!!! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the meeting with the transplant team goes well!

Anonymous said...

so nice to see the smiles, from all!!! hope all goes well in the meeting, we will be thinking of you all day!

love you all
jess, bear and kendall

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Lindsay are so sweet. She is such a beautiful little girl. I am glad that we were able to see you last week.
I am not sure if you even have time to check your e-mail but I plan to send you one soon.
Know that we are thinking of you and always praying.
Blessings and heart hugs,
Sandy, Heart buddy Ethan and family

Amanda Groulx said...

Awesome!! She looks SO good. Eating AND smiling--she is completely amazing. I hope your meetings go well-you guys are doing a great job-keep those doctors on their toes.

Thinking of you all and praying for only good news.

Amanda, Ryan, Sonora, Maizy, and Owen

Anonymous said...

Were Back!!!!

We got back from NC this morning at 6:50 am yes we traveled all night. Papa's idea, it kinda sucked. I was so glad to see the pictures and the smiles. How wonderful for all of us and especially you guys. Every night we were in NC the girls said their prays and included Lindsay. They are all so sweet, including Owen. They took my ribbons so I will need some more. To Aunt Retta,
I will check with Wade tomorrow, as I will be back to work then.

Keep smilin, we are all praying for you.

Love ya,

Steve and Tina

Evie's Story said...

Go Lindsay...you continue to amaze us all by your strength. So glad you've found your smile too. praying you are back to your sweet self soon and home with those adorable brothers before long. We are praying wisdom, discernment and unity among the doctors for your next step! Blessings on you precious child!!

Elaine said...

Hi there...so glad Lindsay is doing so well, while still being the perfect princess she is!

And Jr: I hope you are very happy with yourself...we are now all wearing pink bows on Friday! Now, Steph and the other 30 somethings will look adorable, I am sure...but what about the grandmas? And then there is Bill...well, we just won't go there !!! Wow...what we won't do for the people we love! Seriously Jr...GREAT idea!!!!Enough fun...a serious note for Lindsay:

Princess Lindsay: we love you, we pray for you, and on Friday at the football game, we will wear pink bows for you!!

Love, Second Grandma Elaine