Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, I have been referring to Lindsay today as "our little rock star". I will post a picture in a little while of her and what we saw on her monitor when we walked in this morning. All of her numbers were as close to perfection as you could get! She actually had improved overnight and a few hours ago, the nurses have removed the Epinephrine and the Vassopressin because her blood pressure was so good! We left last night with not a good feeling in our guts but again, the princess has spoken and she is on a roll! She was not nearly as swollen as I thought she would be this morning. Her poor little head looks like it is about to erupt because of the extra blood flow so I'm sure she has an awful headache. Otherwise she looks great....and she is peeing wonderfully!! The doctors think they will get her chest closed on Sunday. She still has to eliminate more fluid before they will do that, which is fine. She is starting to wake up a bit but then is given more meds to relax her a bit. Can't have her too mobile with that chest open. She has built up such a tolerance to the pain meds from last time, that she is a tough one to get to stay under. So, she is on a versed drip too.
Keep the prayers coming. They are definitely working and being heard! Talk soon and I will have photos for you to look at too! GOD is soooo good!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Suzie and JR,
We are sooooo happy for you!!! That is the best news I have heard this year!!!!!! I have been thinking of Lindsay non-stop since yesterday morning. Even the fifth grade class I taught wanted to know about her and how she is doing. We get hitting refresh waiting for updates. Yeah!!!!! Thanks so much for letting us know. Here's to peeing Lindsay!!!!
We love you guys!!!

Alison and Rich

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Lindsay is doing better today! We continue to lift you all up in prayer!

~Stephanie and Braeden

Jean E. said...

That is wonderful news! keep it up, Lindsay!! Jean E.

Anonymous said...

THAT IS GOOD NEWS,I'm so glad she is doing so good. Our thoughts and prayers are still with all of you. Love Aunt Retta and Uncle Wade.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear all of the great news!!! Go Lindsay!
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr, and Lindsay,

I was getting worried because I had not heard anything today and was going into stalker mode on the blog. I am so glad that she is so good today. I was very worried last night after talking with your mom.

We are keeping good thoughts every minute.

Love you guys,

Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

That news is simply THRILLING. What a touch little cookie she is!

Jen Lindsay

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!! GREAT NEWS!! Keep up the good work little one!


Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS OUR LITTLE ROCK STAR!!! I am sure Cara will give her voice lessons for FREE if she wants to learn to sing to continue her career!!! We love you all and are so happy and relieved and thankful to God and Lindsay's doctors and nurses for continuing her miracle.
I was worried last night too, Suzie...for no good reason, but I just was. I kept remembering Jr's head in his hands that night at Bronson, when he looked so overwhelmed...and I just felt like you couldn't take one more thing! So I prayed extra hard for you and Jr and Linda to hang in there while our princess got it together...God IS listening!

Love and hugs, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

GOD is listening; what a miracle baby you have? So strong! Lindsay keep amazing mom/dad with your strength and will to exceed docts expectations.
Big hugs from our family to yours.
Love, Missie