Friday, October 10, 2008


Lindsay is looking very good today and has improved her stats as the day progresses. She is still on a little No2 (nitric) and down on the vent to 50%. Things look good for now and hopefully weened from the vent by Sunday. So far, the new shunt has been working great and as she settles into her new attachment to her heart, her oxygen saturation is getting better as well. When we left this afternoon, it was around 80. It will definitely be a slow healing process but making progress already. We are so proud of her and can't believe her strength. God is sooo good. Keep those prayers flowing. She is hearing them and God is listening!
Love, Suzie and JR


The Davidson Family said...

So glad to hear she is doing better I don't know where relief is for you two with all the worry but I sure wish I could give it to you. It's amazing how strong you are and we are proud to be your friends The Davidson Gang

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr. & family,

Thanks for being so faithful in posting on your blog. I've been keeping up with Lindsay's progress and trials and sending up prayers for your princess. I'm thankful she is adapting to this latest shunt, and hope that you can all find some relief from this week's rough road. You are great parents and your support family is inspiring. Good to know Parchment grows such caring individuals.


Shauna Collison (mom to Phil C. and Megan Dreier)

Amanda Groulx said...

That's wonderful!! One step at a time and she'll be outta there in no time. Glad to hear that Cruz got to go home. We'll be praying.

Amanda and Sonora

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post and the good news. The trials you have been through... my heart rejoices with Lindsay's progress. The path that motherhood takes us on...

Anonymous said...

My prayer to God for your family and Sweet Baby Lindsay are with you. I link to your blog from Patti's site and pray every time!
God is Huge! Trust and Prayer are coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

Great to hear the progress I wasn't so worried today but still was checking the blog a lot. Pretty close to stalker status. We are praying for Lindsay's continued progress.

Love Always,

Steve and Tina

Elaine said...

Dear Suzie and JR,

We are so thrilled with the good news...each step is progress. The only reason I wasn't up to stalker status is that I was out of town...but feeling like I was missing something when I couldn't check on the princess!

When I got home and saw the beautiful new website, I thought, "well...Suzie had a little time on her hands today!!" It is beautiful, just like Princess Lindsay.

We hope you two can get some rest and recover a little while Lindsay heals...this is a LOT of stress! We will keep praying faithfully...we are so thankful to God for the progress so far.

Love and hugs, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for stalker status... that just means that everytime we check and nothing is there, we say another prayer! God knows how to keep us praying! Good job Princess! Love you all!
Steph and Family