Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photo's are from Angie Grooten (Parchment Bake Sale)
Photo's from Suzie (Uof M Bake Sale)

Well, Miss Lindsay's infection isn't a UTI, unfortunately the infection was found in her blood in the pick line. The good news is that she isn't running a temp anymore and hopefully they were right on top of it before it got out of control.

I will let Suzie go into her educated medical explanation when she updates us.

What I want to do today with my post is tell you all what I think is amazing besides our little princess and I'm not talking about our Maize and Blue.

Amazing: is the fund raising committee, who on their own held one of the most successful bake sales in the history of our community. (Well I think it has to be.) Not only were they giving of their time and creativity, but the community's generosity was overwhelming. Bake goods were donated by people that we will never be able to thank. Tina said that when she came home from work, her breezeway was loaded with goodies from people that just wanted to help out.

Amazing: was the success of this bake sale at a football game with rain drizzling down in our Princess's honor.

Amazing: are the ladies wearing their pink bows in their hair that I can't help but attribute to Angel Annabelle ('cause babies in Michigan are not usually adorned in large bows)

Amazing: was the fact that my former neighbor's, the Grainger's, were featured on the front page of our local paper Friday night creating awareness for children's heart diseases after the loss of their HLHS daughter, Taylor.(remember my practice grandchildren I've talked about)

Amazing: was Don (Papa) setting up his tailgating tent and laying out his tailgating carpet for the bake sale so it was comfortable for the ladies and their customers.

Amazing: was Suzie's brother, Dan, driving through the night from Florida with his two kids so that he could witness the fundraising event and deliver bake goods from Rebecca and Stephanie. (oh yeah, there was a football game in Ann Arbor on Saturday also.)

Amazing: was Dan's competitiveness with Steph Winter when he and Don offered to take the leftover bake goods to "The Big House" on Saturday to continue the bake sale with blow horn in hand. His words to Steph were, "Game on" They actually stopped traffic on State Street for people to cross the street to donate for a brownie or cookie. You see, the blow horn came equipped with a siren. Dan said that his friend, Brett said it was the most fun he had ever had at a tailgate! After the game they delivered the funds to Suzie and JR where they were reduced to tears because they already knew how successful the ladies were on Friday night.

Amazing: is the fact that because of this generosity JR will be able to stay in Ann Arbor with Suzie during this difficult time.

Amazing: is how many people our little Princess is reaching out to. I truly believe that God is using her as a vehicle to touch people's lives and let them know what is really important.

Amazing: is all of you who helped to make this a success. I understand that this was the first of many fund raising events that this group is proceeding with. Please stay tuned to this blog for further event announcements.

Thank you all from our whole hearts and Lindsay's half a heart,



Maggie Geiger said...

You are so... very welcome! I can honestly say that there isn't ANY place I would have rather been on a Friday night. Where else can a 33year old woman sport a big pink bow in her hair, & not be chastised??? I was also in awe of the generosity of our community! They were wonderful!


aimee gillespie said...

Let me echo Maggie's sentiments when I say that I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We had a tent over our heads and carpet under our feet, we were good to go!

Let me also take a minute to talk about the generosity of the students. I don't remember having much extra money as a teenager, but there were countless kids who gave above and beyond what I ever imagined. There was a group of girls who found money on the ground and instead of putting it in their pocket, they came to donate it to the bake sale. It was amazing to see it all come together.

After the way the students, teachers, parents and former grads came together, I've never been more proud to be from Parchment!


Elaine said...

Ditto, Maggie!

It was an honor to do the work and watch the community respond in support of our Lindsay! One person gave us $20.00 for 2 brownies; some cheerleaders said, "I don't need the cookies, but I want to donate"; NO ONE just put 50 cents in the jar but everyone threw in extra money; many people stood in the rain and actually read the poster about Lindsay; lots of people asked us to explain Lindsay's condition to them; and on and on. To use Linda's word: AMAZING!!

I know I speak for all of the fundraising committee when I say that is feels absolutely wonderful to finally be able to do something concrete for Suzie and Jr, in addition to all the praying and loving we are doing. What we want is to wave a magic wand and make Lindsay all better...since we can't so that we will see to it that Suzie and Jr. are in Ann Arbor TOGETHER to support each other and Lindsay. It has literally been life and death several times this last 3 weeks and no parent should go through that alone. We love you and we are here for you for as long as you need us.

Love, Elaine

PS: I think we wore our pink bows very well!!

Anonymous said...

dean family,
I can not begin to tell you what an awesome turn out we had at the bake sale Friday,even in the rain. Our community GLADLY opened their pockets to help your family-it was heart warming to see the kindness that still does exist! There were so many incidences that night that made me feel proud to a Panther!!

and Jr... I would wear a big pink bow any day if it meant you could be at your baby girls side!

squeeze her tight!

Darrick Gregory said...

Wanted to drop a quick comment about the U of M tailgate fundraiser and say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who donated! It truly was amazing to see all the support from U of M and MSU fans donating! It was the best tailgate I've been to in my 4 years of attending games, and it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for all the gracious fans! Best wishes to Jr., Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean!

The B Family said...

Definitely AMAZING! I am in awe of how her precious life continues to make such an AMAZING impact! She is a very, very AMAZING little girl!

Beautiful pictures, too!

Praying for the princess~ Rebecca

Elaine said...