Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping you up to date :-)

Lindsay had a good night while we were up there. We left for an hour to eat dinner and then when we returned they had attached the pacer to her. After surgery, they leave pacer wires out that are connected to the heart for "just in case" instances. She had a few irregular heart rhythms but think it is because of a shortage of potassium and magnesium. So, they had already started the K before we left and will give the mag a little later. They will detach the pacer in a few hours and just keep an eye on her rhythms. She did get more blood today too. Still same level on the vent and nitric. Her nurse put this adorable ribbon in her hair and in the morning, since it's game day and all, she will be sporting a maize and blue ribbon. Oh, and tomorrow is her 4 month birthday! Can you believe it?!!
We had some visitors today and was wonderful to have distraction and also a conversation other than about medical related issues. Thanks for coming to see us Rodd, Shawn, Adam, and Brian! And thanks for lunch too. Angelo's was good as always. We look forward to our visit with Shannon tomorrow.
Much love,
JR and Suzie
PS Elaine......I gave the blog a face lift while we were doing our laundry this afternoon. :-) Not necessarily free time, just running out of things to wear! ha ha


Elaine said...

It's bedtime, but I just HAVE to comment about the new picture you put up...She looks just like a "Big Girl" and not like a baby...something about the expression on her face, maybe. And wearing an Annabelle bow, I think! So precious and, I have to say, such a BEAUTIFUL child...I mean really really beautiful! There...just needed to say that!

Get a good night's sleep...we love you, Elaine

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Lidsay is doing so good, my thoughts and prayers and still with all of you. Love Aunt Retta and Uncle Wade

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Happy 4 month birthday Princess! Maybe the maize and blue can pull out a win for you! Like Dan said, maybe they can take some advice from you on strength! Go Blue!
The Winter Family