Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miss Lindsay has infection.....

Not too alarming, but until test results officially come in, we are 99% sure that she has a urinary tract infection. Yesterday and today she has been pretty irritable off and on. Today was the worst of it though. At first, doctors were thinking that she was withdrawing from her medications that she has been on now for the last three weeks. They gave her methadone to help, but no result. What did happen was her heart rate shot up to the 180's from being in the low 130's, respiratory rate was nearing right at 100 consistently, and she spiked a fever. Because of the fever, they went ahead and took a blood gas and the result of that was that her white blood count was higher that normally which means infection somewhere. We kept watching her and JR and I realized that she was in severe pain and then her diaper was wet. It was hurting her that much to pee! Unfortunately I know exactly how that feels and it is awful!! So, without official results back from a urine culture, the antibiotics have started along with Tylenol to help get rid of whatever has started. We should know for sure in the morning. Poor baby. She was pretty darned comfortable when we left for the night tonight so hopefully she is a little better already. The other thing that we learned tonight is the because of her new PICC line that they put in to prevent that from clotting up, they are going to start giving levonex shots twice a day. Yes, I said shots. Can you believe this?!! But, because the line is so close to her heart, we see why they have to do it. Having this line in for a while will also help in the time that if she was ever to get into trouble, easy access for medication is there already. However, she will have this in when we get home so we have to be instructed on how to flush the line AND to give her these shots. You ask, why shots? Well, we asked the same thing. This is to prevent so many blood draws. If she is still having to give blood for her to be tested all the time, that means transfusions often. We are getting ready for transplant, so a unnecessary transfusions wouldn't be wise because of the building of antibodies. Everything is now getting a little more complicated in treating her because of this preparation. We have to do what we have to do even if that means giving her shots. Levonex is another form of blood thinner that is very effective to prevent blood clots for this line. Asprin is not strong enough and cumadin is just a hard drug to give an infant.
Enough for tonight??? WHEW!
Hearts Hugs to all and .......GO BLUE!! Beat State tomorrow. Sorry Alison. :-)
Love, Suzie


Evie's Story said...

Poor baby!! i too know how that feels...miserable. praying praying praying they get the pain under control and she is more comfortable today. So sorry about the shots too. Right now im having to physically restrain Evie for 15 min. 3 times a day for breathing treatments.....these things we as mommies never should have to do to our daughters!

Dont you think we should at least get an honorary RN degree?
love to you all!

Stephanie Winter said...

You for sure deserve an honorary RN degree!! I will be glad (not really glad) but I will help give the shots when you get home... I have given tons of shots, but I can't imagine doing it to my own kids. You can do it... you are amaizing!! Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr and Lindsay,

Oh my, that was not the news I was hoping for, I am sure the doctors are right on top of everything so that is good. No one has said anything about the bake sale. It went so good you can't even imagine. We had so many baked goods and the people of Parchment were so generous. We got to see Uncle Dan, Braeden, Camden and even Cole. What a treat that was! For Jr. we did have small pink bows for our hair but not enough to go around so I didn't get one, Darn.

Oh yeah and Papa say go Green!!!

You know him always opposite.

Have a good Saturday and maybe Dan and Don will have a few baked good left after the Michigan game. They have a hard act to follow.

Love you All,

Steve and Tina

Our Family said...

I am sure that Lindsay will feel so much better when you see her today. We still pray for you guys each day! She is a strong, gorgeous little girl. God bless!

Bernie Haberman

Elaine said...

Do NOT believe Tina...I kept trying to give her a bow...and she kept magically disappearing! :) :)
Jr: there were pictures taken...although it may be hard to see the bows in the pouring rain!!
I am sooo sorry about the UTI...we girls all know what a pain that on earth does a baby in PCICU even get one??? Give her extra hugs and kisses from us...and know we are praying all the time.
I too have experience with Lovanax (sp?)...I had to give it to Bill for weeks after his pulmonary embolism a few years ago. If it helps at all, the needle was very tiny and Bill said it hardly hurt at all. NOTHING like an IV or even a maybe it won't bother her as much as you think. I too, will help if you want to NOT be the one who gives shots to your precious princess!

Please know how much we all love you, Elaine

Anonymous said...

What a strong little gal you have! I hope she is much more comfortable and overcoming her infection.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Lindsay's infection...boy, you sure are gettin' an education in the medical field, aren't ya?!:) As for the bake sale, I have pictures...I will email them to everyone!
Love You!

Maggie Geiger said...

So sorry that the Princess is not feeling so good! An uncomfortable Princess is NOT good! Must make her heiness comfortable.
We had so much fun at the bake sale, well at least I did. Maybe I need to get out more. Anyway, when I dropped off the deposit today, the teller was so.. excited! She even thanked us for doing the bake sale, so sweet! It was an honor to help anyway that we could! Ben was even walking in the stands peddling baked goods! Pretty sweet to see!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

The B Family said...

Yes, a big WHEW! Suzie, if anyone can handle this than I know it is you.
Hope her little infection gets better very soon! Those suckers are no fun! With all she's been through, she definitely doesn't need this to add in the mix. We'll be praying the meds work and she is feeling better quickly.

Love to you & kisses to the princess~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about her blood infection :( :(. I miss not having her these past few nights at work. Hang in there you two--you both always amaze me with your strength and your upbeat attitude.