Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Forgot something.....

very important! Lindsay also had her PICC line removed!!!!! They sent the tip of it to the lab to see if it grows something but not so far. That also means that she is not getting the Lovenox shots anymore!!!! Yesterday afternoon was about 5 hours shy of 24 hours without it and it was like a switch turned on. Legs warm, arms warm...hmmmmm. She is a mystery for sure. I will update after I see her yet this morning
Love, Suzie

Yes, for all of you Kalamazoo people, please save a few copies of that article for us. I need to get one laminated and one for her memory box. Thanks! Man, is she turning heads or what?!!


Anonymous said...

hey guys, i know that we have not been sending you comments, but we want you to know that we check in on you often and you are always on our minds. the kids all looked really cute for Halloween, we are glad that you got to spend some time with the boys too. i bet they were so excited!! keep us on mind if you need any help with them. brendan and jordan are always asking about them and would love to hang out with them.

wesaw family

Elaine said...

What encouraging news...that infection needs to GO AWAY!!!
The princess looks adorable in her Halloween finery! The bows are just perfect! The pictures of Cole and Cruz on Halloween are so cute...I am so glad you got your special weekend with the boys. Cara and I wanted to just show up with Avery on Friday...but decided you had enough going on. Soon, though...we will be watching our cute little boys playing together!

I just took your mom my copy of the article in the Gazette...very well written and Tina's comments were perfect: way to go Tina!!

Sending hugs and prayers, Elaine

Stephanie said...

Yay for that too!!!! Here's to God for working his magic on here and here's praying for a precious heart for this princess!!

Julie Miles said...

I'm so glad to see Miss Lindsay doing better! She certainly keeps everyone guessing with what her body likes/doesn't like and her tolerance level. I know full well how encouraging it is that she is warm once again - we dealt with that for only about 24 hours after her cath so I can only imagine what it's like to deal with it even longer.

Still praying,

Julie Miles

Anonymous said...

HI Suzie,,,It was great seeing you all again together!! As well, it was like old days here with Cole and Cruzie together. Cole was ecstatic to see Colby today, they played football outside alot, the weather was beautiful. We pray for your little princess everyday, and with everyone elses, I'm sure she's going to pull through this one episode too!
Don and Brenda

Maggie Geiger said...

Of course she is turning heads, everyone loves a Princess!
I'm so glad that Lindsay is doing better. We will continue to pray that she continues on this path in the right direction!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

Amanda Groulx said...

She is amazing!! And those boys are soooo cute!! I'm really glad things are going well for you guys. Now if she can just get off that vent so she can get outta there. She'll do it in her own time. We're always thinking and praying for you. My classmates ask about her and follow the blog daily. She is well know across the country--practically a celebrity already.