Friday, November 14, 2008


For those of you that need your daily hit on Lindsay news.... She had a new pic line put in yesterday afternoon and the Dr's have decided that they will re-evaluate her today. It seems her stats are so good, that they're going to make a decision what direction to head at this point. The Princess might be ready for the chemo to begin to prep her for a transplant. After their all day pow wow, we'll get an update what's in store for the Princess.

Fundraising is off to a fantastic start. Beginning with the bake sale of all bake sales, the committee is selling poinsettias like crazy which includes churches and banks that will be displaying Lindsay Poinsettias this year. Hundreds have already been ordered!

If any of you want to participate by getting your church or business involved, please let us know at Orders must be in by Dec. 1st with Delivery Dec. 6th.

Please join us on the link to the other blog (Sharing the Love) to keep informed on the fundraising efforts. You won't believe what we're up to next.


The Lindsay Dean Heart Fund Committee


Stephanie said...

Thanks for our daily dose!!! We do need it :) Glad she's doing well.

Keeping her in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update I will keep all of in my prayers. Love Aunt Retta and Uncle Wade