Sunday, November 16, 2008

A visit with the Princess

Bill and I went over to Ann Arbor this afternoon to restock the Dean's fridge with some home made soup and some meals from Tina. This should have them set for the week. Thank you once again Tina!

Lindsay's move into moderate care was postponed yesterday, but she was moved there today by the time we arrived. She was unusually fussy, so they were trying to figure out what was up with that. Many things could be to blame, they just want to find out right away what it is. I enjoyed watching my daughter (you know with the honorary RN degree) point a few things out to the new nurses in charge. She really knows her daughter! Then, we witnessed how Suzie and JR talk things out about what to do. What a strong couple they are. Their plan is to both stay for the week and JR come home next Sunday to work the next week.

I did get to hold Lindsay for the first time in TWO MONTHS! I was all garbed up with plastic but enjoyed it never the less.

I know all you stalkers hate voids, so I just thought I'd write tonight just to let you know what's happening.

Heart Hugs,


Stephanie said...

Alleluia!!! So happy she got moved today. Praying for her to continue gaining strength and hoping she is feeling better tonight!

Keeping all of you in my prayers as always.

Maggie Geiger said...

Thank you Linda for the update. You are correct, we do hate those voids. I am so glad that Lindsay got moved today. Not so good that the Princess is fussy. Hopefully they can find out quickly what is upsetting her.


Amanda Groulx said...

Yes we do hate voids--so thanks! I'm glad she got moved, hopefully they will get things to her liking soon so she can settle down. We are all hoping and praying that she gets stronger everyday!!

Amanda, Ryan, Sonora, Maizy, and Owen

Stephanie Winter said...

Praise God! I am so glad Grandma got to hold her and I am sure you are all soaking up the holding time! Praying that they figured out what her fussiness was and that those new nurses can keep up with you, Suzie! Hope your new room has a window so you can see your first snow, Lindsay!! love you guys!
Steph and Family

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda,,,I know how it must have felt to get to hold her after so long,,(I pretend to hold one that's in OR alot),you must've been ecstatic!! We're so glad to hear of her move too, and it meaning just better and better things for Miss Lindsay. Hope everything keeps going well, they're all in our prayers. I'm looking forward to seeing Cole after school today, I haven't seen him for a wk.!!!
love and prayers
Don and Brenda

The B Family said...

Doing the HAPPY Dance in SC for so many holding the Princess, Lindsay being moved, her beautiful parents commitment to her and each other, and for Suzie being fine-tuned to her daughter's every need!!!

Praying often and always...

Love to you~Rebecca

The Davidson Family said...

All sounds wonderful, so glad to hear it! Keep it up you guys, we're thinking about you everyday.

Love, The Davidson's

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Linda, for posting something for us. It sure helps us know how to pray.

You all are so dedicated to this blog. Thank you!

Laurie Walton (Lynette's sister)