Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

We had the most "Thankful" Thanksgiving yesterday with a visit to Ann Arbor because there isn't anywhere I would have rather been than there. (well maybe to have been with all 5 of my grand kids)
I was able to hold and feed Lindsay while Suzie, JR, Cole, and Cruz took a much needed nap. I actually was able to give Lindsay a bottle (something I haven't been able to do since Sept.) Bill cooked the turkey and I did the fixings and we took it over to the RM House so the Dean's have actual authentic left overs.
We met up with Terry Vanderberg on our way over, to intercept a cute basket that Pam and Allison had made up. Lindsay now has her own personal "Princess Bible". Yes, Pam and Allison found this beautiful Bible that was a perfect gift for our Princess Lindsay. Suzie was ecstatic!
We were able to look in on Carlee, who is doing fantastic! Carlee's mom had an extra little turkey outfit so she shared with Lindsay. Our two "little turkeys" looked adorable yesterday.
This visit made my heart feel so warm with the way Lindsay looked and acted. We truly have her back to herself again and it was a much better drive home this week because of that.
We weren't able to look in on Connor's parents as they are bedside most of the time. Please extend prayers to them during this time. We've been there, hanging on by a thread and these heart families are truly bonded.
This Thanksgiving was so non-traditional, taking turns to go down the hall for some eats, not sitting together at a table giving thanks, but, it will remain one of the most memorable for me. Lindsay has surely shown our family what we're all thankful for.

Heart hugs to all and I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving, perhaps looking at it slightly different this year because of Lindsay.



Elaine said...

Hi Linda and Bill,

We were so glad to read your post because we didn't know what you had decided to do for the holiday.
I am sure you will remember this year forever and will treasure your special relationships with all the heart families. We have been praying for Carlee and Conner all week...and we will continue.

We are in Chicago at Cara's...babysitting tonight while Cara and Warren get a date night! I heard that wine might be involved! This morning began with an emergency visit to the pediatrician because Avery was crying hysterically, for no apparent reason. That might not be unusual for most babies, but Avery is so happy and good natured it simply never happens. He's had a cold, so we figured ear infection, right? Nope...he is getting 3 molars at once!! So, now after some Motrin and lots of TLC, he is much better. Why put this on the blog, you might ask? We all stayed calm but were worried because this was so unlike Avery...he was obviously in pain. So were we! After it was all over, we all fell into the couches and said, "IMAGINE how Linda and Bill and Suzie and JR feel...ALL the time." This was just a mildly sick baby and you have...Lindsay with all her heart issues. We just could not get our brains around how you are all doing it and we are so very much in awe of you and so proud of you.

So we are sending extra love and prayers and are so glad Lindsay is doing so well, that Linda got to feed her and hold her and that you were all together for the holiday. We are thankful for you in our lives and for the extra gift of our healthy baby,

Love, Elaine and Bill

PS to Linda...I have a story about my son to top any I have told so me next week!!!

Maggie Geiger said...

We were so happy to hear that you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Obviously as we have allsaid, this Thanksgiving gives new meaning. Suzie & Jr. thank you such much for showing us how to be so... thankful for the "little things". We love you & continue to pray for the Princess.

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli