Sunday, October 12, 2008

As Steph said, not the best day.

Lindsay has not had the greatest day at all. We were very excited to see her this morning because her night and all day yesterday was so wonderful. We get there to find that she is back at a 5 on the nitric and is at 100% on the ventilator. Can you believe that?!! She had a few episodes last night when her sats dipped down into the 40's. They then added the nitric back and didn't seem to help at all. Then another episode and had to paralyze again because she wouldn't calm down. This afternoon doctors conducted at least a two hour echo! Yes, two hours! They discovered that she has a pocket of fluid on her left lung and in the back. So, they had to put another chest tube in to drain it out. So far, not much drainage, but the hope is that when they turn her and adjust through the night that she will get more out. Doctors are again going to have a pow-wow about her tomorrow and discuss the next step. I tell you what, we are getting frustrated. Not to the point of making scenes, that is not our style, but we can surely get our points across clearly. We are back at the RMH to have dinner and then up to spend precious time with the princess. Mom and Bill were our visitors today and brought us soup for the week and of course the Terry and DeVito families are keeping us fed. Our fridge has been stocked once again! Thank you all! You don't know how much that helps us out!
We love you all and again, appreciate all of the love and support through this very difficult ordeal. Like, Stephanie said, down on your knees and pray that we get a solution so that Lindsay can move on to whatever is in store for her and to what God has planned. Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb, kiss our Cruzer for us! And Steph and Bob, give Cole hugs and kisses from us too! We love you!
Love always~


Anonymous said...

Our family is praying for your family all the time!!!! Stay strong little princess!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you can feel the love & prayers headed your way.
Mark, Barb, & Chad

Uncle Dan said...

We are thinking of you tonight Lindsay! We love you!

Uncle Dan, Brae, and Cam

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you. Have a good start into the next week, I hope they can get the meds down and the vent off. Call me if I can help.
Ute and family

Anonymous said...

Suzie and JR, We are all upholding your family in prayer at preschool. I am loving and enjoying Cole! What a special boy! We pray for strength for you all. Jan Pennings (Cole's teacher)

Anonymous said...

Your oldest is sleeping soundly. I pray that you all sleep well tonight and wake up tomorrow and Lindsay is back off the nitric and I pray that the Doctors come to an agreement on what the next step is... and if you need to make a scene, you make a scene, don't keep it bottled up. I know the nurses and doctors are doing their best, and I'm sure they know how to help frustrated parents, too! We love you guys and I wish I could give you big hugs tonight! Praying for you!!
Steph and Family

The B Family said...

Suzie~ I am in tears for you, friend. I am praying that this drain tube will pull the fluid out and that Lindsay begin healing again. It's always two steps forward and one step back...very frustrating, I know. More importantly, Lindsay is a fighter!
We are blanketing Lindsay and you in prayers. Praying that the One who can, will!
Heart hugs & love to you~ Rebecca

PS~ We just asked our little angel to fly on up to Michigan and stay with her heart sister...Lindsay is in good company!

Amanda Groulx said...

It's completely my style to make a scene-- even if it doesn't accomplish anything it makes me feel better. Maybe I could send Charlie over there so you could use him as a punching bag to take out some frustration, it used to work for me ;)

But seriously--they'll get everything just right so that her little heart gets back in balance with her lungs so that she can wake up and come back to you--its just taking a while. We're all praying for you.

Love, Amanda

Anonymous said...

Come on Lindsay, fight we know you can do it! We love you all and are praying for a better day.

Love you all,

Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys! We're hoping that we will hear better news later today. Like you have said a million times before, Lindsay is a fighter!
Always know that there are prayers flowing freely.

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
On Amanda's comment, I will let you borrow Charlie, he is definatley used to it. He is also one to make a scene, he seems to feel better afterwards, too. A Terry trait I assume. You grew up with them, I sure some of it wore off on you. I hope thinking of them puts a smile on your face. We love you.
Love, Sarah, Charlie, Natalie, and Nathan

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all.. praying for Lindsay and the doctors caring for her, and for your family.

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't posted lately, I have totally been in stalker status since Lindsay has been back at U of M. I don't know how you and Jr. do it. You have amazing strength and it's beyond me how you both stay so strong, focused and organized. Lindsay has proven time and time again that she is a fighter and has the strength of her parents. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. You are so lucky to have the unbelievable support of such awesome family and friends. We pray that your strength remains at an all time high and that Lindsay remains strong and focused to get better. Stay strong.
Travis, Jill & Reagan

Elaine said...

Oh, and Lindsay are the last thing I think about when I go to bed and the first thing when I get up in the morning. I do not know how you and JR. do stay so strong. I am going to pray all day that Lindsay has a better day...even one good thing would help, right? I am going to pray that the Drs meeting come up with a new plan for Lindsay. I am going to pray that if you and JR need to be extra assertive with the Drs, that you find the strength and resolve to say what you need to say. I KNOW you are Lindsay's best advocate. As Rebecca said so were chosen....

I hope you feel our love and prayers surrounding you and that you know how much God loves you...

Heart Hugs, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Lindsay~ God has big plans for you little girl! You keep fighting and staying strong! If He leads you to it, He will lead you through it!
Suzie and JR~ You guys are the best parents! I know you have heard it a lot to stay strong, but keep it up! I pray the God gives you peace and that He gives the doctors wisdom!

Nicole and family!

Our Family said...

We are still praying each and every day for Lindsay. We pray that the doctors will figure out what is best for your sweet girl. God Bless!

The Haberman Family
Collierville, TN

Anonymous said...

Thinking about all of you today and continuing to pray for strength for Lindsay and your entire family.

Aimee and family

Anonymous said...

You remain in my thoughts. I will continue to pray and pass on strength to all of you.

Love, Bridgette!