Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hangin' Tough!

Well, for all of you who remember NKOTB, you will get this title! ha ha Hope you guys had a great time at the concert, Steph!

Lindsay is holding her own. She has had her morphine and Ativan totally turned off and the only one left to ween is the Dex. That could take a while yet but she is only on a .6 dosage which, who knows, that could be gone by the time we go and see her this morning! They are still giving the methadone to help with the withdrawal aspect but seems to be doing well with that. She has started to throw up which concerns us but the other side of that is that is a symptom of withdrawal as well. So, praying that that is just temporary. After a few days of watching her urine sample, it has been concluded that Miss Lindsay does have a urinary tract infection along with the one from her PICC line. Luckily, before finding out all of this, they had started her on a general antibiotic right away and seeming to the trick. They tweaked the antibiotics after this was found out, so now getting specifically at the problem. Last night was a great cuddle night with Lindsay before we hit the sack finally at 2am! We just couldn't leave! When I almost fell asleep with her in my arms, I threw in the white flag! I will post later this evening again and let you know the latest and the next steps as far as how long we plan to still be here.

Love to you all!



Anonymous said...

I don't know who is stronger--you and JR, who are both all any of us could hope to be, or Lindsay, who goes to show that deep within all of us is a true fighting spirit!

As always, you remain in our prayers and our thoughts day in and day out.

Heart hugs to all three of you, and to the two superboys who are being brave on the homefront without their mom and dad there to tuck them in at night!

Love, Debbie and Rick

Katie said...

Lindsay is such a gorgeous little princess! Thanks for the updates and pictures, love them! Glad she's handling the wean well...seems like there is always a nitch with going off of meds. Happy Birthday to you- hope you had a nice one. Thinking and praying for the princess and her wonderful family!
Love and hugs to you,

aimee gillespie said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures... I just want to hop in my car and drive to Ann Arbor to cuddle her myself!

I am in awe of your family's strength. Lindsay continues to amaze everyone with her strength and fight. You and JR's constant support of each other is inspiring. And the boys, they've had to be so strong. Going about their day to day lives as their parents are across the state tending to their sister. I officially nominate you for Family of the Year! Continue to love each other as we continue to pray for your family.

Aimee, Steve, Ryan & Hannah

P.S. Love the NKOTB title!

Maggie Geiger said...

I agree with Aimee, I want to cuddle her too! Lindsay looks beautiful! Please do update us later. With such an early update from you, I tend to have withdrawls by the end of the day!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie and Jr,,,What a week-end for all of you, eh? Family in town, lots of good news w/Lindsay, and of course the fundraiser your wonderful friends did for you guys. I wish I could've been there to help in person, I had to send Austin to donate for me. (we're still trying to handle situation w/Dons mom) Little Princess sounds like she's doing better by the day, and I pray that she does. Cole is here playing today w/kids, and having a good time. He wanted to look at the blog, so we did, he laughs at Lindsay when he sees her pics when she's smiling. By the way, Happy belated Birthday!! I was going to let Cole call you yesterday, but he said Steph already had. Continued good results, and prayers for you all.
love, Don and Brenda

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Lindsay is such a cute baby girl. I could just reach into the pictures and pinch those cheeks - softly of course!!! What a baby doll! I hope the infections clear up soon for her.

Anonymous said...

You guys have my vote for sure for "Family of the Year". I think Lindsay's title of Hangin' Tough needs to be the whole familys' theme song!!! You guys certainly are an inspiration to so many people and have touched so many lives in ways you'll never know-thank you for that! Keep "hangin' tough" you guys!

Anonymous said...

Retta and I (Mary) need your address@ Ronald Mcdonalds to send you something.

Stephanie said...

Such a beautiful little girl!!!! I just love the pictures!!! Praying for quick healing from the infections and that she will stop getting sick very soon!!

Stephanie Winter said...

Hey Guys!
She's definately got the "Right Stuff" with that smile! What a doll! The concert rocked! If you get a minute (ha ha!) check out Beckys myspace page... a little video clip! We continue to pray for her speedy recovery so I can stalk you from across the park instead of over the internet! Wanted to know if you talked at all about when you wanted or if you still wanted Bob's mom to come over. Let me know. Hope you had a great day! Don't you love falling asleep with her in your arms! Hope your birthday was great, too!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and sending prayers.
Happy Belated Birthday too!
Ethan and I will be there again tomorrow and will try to stop up to say hello! :)
Blessings, Prayers & Heart Hugs,
Sandy, Ethan and family

Anonymous said...

Grandpa and Grandma DeVito Say Hi and Hope this comes through good to see you Friday with the boys. Love that little girl know she is a fighter we keep praying and think all those prayers are being answered. Thoughts are with you every day .
Love you guys
Grandpa and Grandma xxxooo