Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Ok, this might sound crazy when I say this but, this had been the best 4 months of our lives. Just to even have her is a blessing regardless of what we have all been through. We love you Lindsay girl! Get better every day!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

PS Mark, I added the second song on here just for you! Enjoy! ha ha GO BLUE!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay! We are so glad that you get to celebrate today! God Bless you baby girl!

Dan,Maggie,Ben, & Alli Geiger

Julie Miles said...

Yay Lindsay! Happy 4 month birthday! With our little heart babies, every monthly birthday is certainly worth celebrating! Hey, I wanted to let you know about another HLHS baby girl there at U of M right now. She's about Ethan's age and just had a heart cath yesterday. They have a carepage for her: SofiaLaPres if you want to look her up. I just though it might be encouraging to hook up with another family so close to you - I don't have anyone near me.


Anonymous said...

Words can not express how happy and relieved all of us feel. It has been a roller coaster watching it all on line. I can't imagine being your shoes. Suzie you and your family are the strongest people I know. Stay strong little Lindsay, we can't wait to see you home. Every time Natalie finds clothes or shoes that are too small, she says "these are for baby Lindsay".
I wish we could do more for you. We are thinking of you always. Happy Birthday, get better soon. We love you!
Love, Sarah, Charlie, Natalie, and Nathan

The B Family said...

I love Lindsay's new look...just in time for her birthday!!! Aren't these background things fun?

Continuing to pray!

Love to you & birthday kisses to Lindsay~ Rebecca

Katie said...

Happy 4 months precious girl! Your new blog layout is so cute...just like you :) Glad she's doing well. Still praying for you guys!

Uncle Dan said...

Happy 4 month Birthday Lindsay!!


Uncle Dan, Brae, and Cam