Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Princess is looking better

Hello to all:
I went to Ann Arbor tonight because I needed a fix. After seeing Lindsay Sunday night, I needed to go over to see her doing better and she surely kept her end of the deal. She looked like our little princess again. She looks like a dark haired little Cruz laying there.
Suzie will share the details, I just wanted you all to know how much better she looks.
Heart Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, glad she is looking good. hope to hear more soon. Retta and Mary

Jean E. said...

Glad to hear she is doing better!

Maggie Geiger said...

So glad to hear that the Princess is doing well. I thought that I was going to go crazy checking the blog. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to update us "stalkers".

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli Geiger

Amanda Groulx said...

Great news! Keep up the good work little one. You are always on my mind and in our prayers.


aimee gillespie said...

Linda, Thank you so much for the updates. Every time I checked yesterday and didn't see anything, I'd say a prayer, close my laptop, and hope that no news was good news. I'm so happy to see that Her Highness is doing well!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting us know how "our" baby is doing.

We never know if no news is good news or not, so it's always a relief to hear something!

We'll continue with the prayer assault--glad it seems to be working!

Love, Debbie and Rick

Anonymous said...

That is great news! Praise God! I was starting to get worried! Like Maggie, I was checking for news every hour or so! Hopefully the worst is behind you ! May God continue to bless you all!

Bill, Nicole, Alyssa, Kristin and Ethan Gibson