Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prayers are working!

The prayers are certainly working from our fellow stalkers out there! :-) Today was much better overall and Lindsay even was able to get her chest closed. WHOO HOO! She was still pretty sedated when we left tonight and the doctors are not overly concerned with her abnormal breathing incident last night. They have just said she needs more time to heal. What ever the princess wants, the princess gets! She would just get so mad and then her breathing would get pretty labored and then effected her stats all across the board. They have cut back her lasix because she almost peeing too much! I guess my request for pee worked. Thanks to all of you for pitching in on that one! hee hee
Tomorrows plan is to start working on weening the vent. They are waiting until tomorrow to give her time to recover from the chest closure today. One step at a time is all and she is doing good again. Keep praying because it's working and He is hearing us!
Until tomorrow~
Love, Suzie


Anonymous said...

We're so glad to hear good news. Hang in there
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that she had a better day! Hang in there! We will keep the prayers coming!

Anonymous said...

So glad to read of the progress yesterday.. Saw Uncle Dan last night that was great to see him. We are keeping those good thoughts and prayers for more good progress today..

Love you all !!!

Steve and Tina


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Lindsay is getting stronger and got her chest closed! That's great! We are all thinking of you always.....sending you a BIG hug!!!

Anonymous said...

Always good to hear that Lindsay is making good progress. She is surely an amazing "princess". Pretty soon you will be celebrating her 5th birthday, like we did with Alli on Saturday. They grow so fast, every day is precious! We will keep the prayers coming.

The Geigers