Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miracles DO happen!!!

I have been following this little girl, Mia, via Annabelle's blog that has been waiting for a new heart now for over 90 days...........well, here is where the miracle comes into play. She got her new heart today!!!!!! I have added her link to Lindsay's so that you can follow her progress. What an amazing day! I was just telling JR that I was going straight to bed tonight after seeing Lindsay, he said...Yeah right!, but wanted to check the blog first to see if anyone else left a message. Got done with that and then went to Annabelle's to see what Rebecca has been up to and then my usual, to then check on Mia. To my surprise, I read the exciting news. It actually happens and is so nice to read about a success story when we are headed in that same direction at some point. Mia has a long road ahead of her so please pray that her body accepts this new heart and please pray for the family that lost their baby but that they find peace in the fact that they gave new life to another precious family. God is good and certainly works miracles!

Now, to Miss Lindsay. She has been a mystery but tonight I think we cracked the code. She has been a little cranky and acting very fidgety lately. White blood cell count was up a little but will keep an eye on that and another check will be yet this morning around 4 am. So, guess what.....she is in pain when she pees....grrrrrrr. Placing bets now, again, on another UTI!! Can you believe this?!! We won't know for sure for probably a few days because the culture has to actually grow something before treating it. I asked them before taking the catheter out if they could start her on something just in case but was told because of her VRE, they really can't do that unless diagnosed. So, we wait. SO FRUSTRATING!! Please pray that she recovers from this, whatever it is. No serious fever thus far and her rate is very good. Come on baby girl!!

On the brighter side of the last few days, Lindsay has been smiling allot and we were able to get long hold times. Nothing like looking right into her beautiful blue eyes and having her smile at you. Yes, I'm sappy, I got tears in my eyes....;-)

Sweet Dreams......


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,

It was soooo good to get an update! We love the pictures of Lindsay! She looks better than ever. When did she suddenly grow all that hair??? Oh my how adorable. We'll pray for getting rid of the UTI. Oh, the fun of being female! Take care!!

Love, Alison

Stephanie said...

She's beautiful and I just love to see her being held! I know both she and you do also!!!! I sure hope this UTI thing clears up soon!!!

I have been following Mia also and prayed all day for her yesterday...so happy to hear about her new heart!

Hugs to all of you!!!!

The B Family said...

I've been waiting on seeing some more pictures of the princess and, boy, does she deliver!!!! It is so good to see her in your arms and smiling! Continuing to pray for Lindsay's progress (& now her UTI)...and praising God for Mia's new heart!!!

Love you friend~ Rebecca

Amanda-The Family News! said...

What sweet pictures of Lindsay! I am praying for her to get over the UTI - I know as an adult they are no fun so I know she has to be very uncomfortable. Poor baby!
And yes, so wonderful about Mia's new heart. I follow her too and was just overcome with joy when I read that blog entry yesterday!!!!

aimee gillespie said...

How wonderful to see pictures of Miss Lindsay being held and smiling for her mommy and daddy. You're not the only one with tears in your eyes...

I have been following Mia's progress as well. What an awesome answer to prayers for her family.

We'll continue to pray that Lindsay gets rid of this pesky UTI and that she continues to do well so she can come home soon.

Aimee, Steve, Ryan & Hannah

Maggie Geiger said...

She looks beautiful! The Princess is growing her locks, ver nice! As for the UTI, YUCKY! Hopefully everything will get taken care of quickly.
The picture of her sleeping on her Daddy is priceless! It must feel like Heaven to have her in your arms! We will continue to pray for healing, and for the acceptance of Mia's new heart.

Dan,Maggie,Ben, & Alli Geiger

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. we have been waiting to hear how things have been going. jordan is always asking about baby lindsay. the pics are beautiful and that hair is amazing. it looks like you might have one with dark hair. we are thinking of you all often!!!

wesaw family

Rachel Dominguez said...

I just recently came across your blog from Gracie's blog and I am reading about Julianne and Mia too. I just wanted to stop in and say hello and tell you how absolutely beautiful your Lindsey is. I will be praying for her daily now that I know of her. You can add me to the list of Prayer Warriors that are praying for your sweet girl.

God Bless,

(Lee's Summit, MO)

Anonymous said...

Happy 5 month birthday from your 7 month birthday friend in Oregon!

Hugs and Drools.....


The Davidson Family said...

Check out all of that beautiful hair! She looks great and do you two. Keep strong! We love you guys! The Davidson Gang

Unknown said...

Finley (from Cole's preschool) and I are praying for your family daily!! We've wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily! Aimee and Lynn have kept us up to date on all things Lindsay...
Finely and Ann

Amanda Groulx said...

She looks great! Those eyes are beautiful. Blue eyes and brown hair is an unusual combo and soooo pretty. We are all glad that she's doing better. Happy Birthday little one!

We love you!
Amanda, Ryan, Sonora, Maizy, and Owen

Our Family said...

Praying that there is no infection. What a little cutie Lindsay is (and quite the chunky little thing). I just love her little cheeks! You guys are always in our prayers!!!! God bless!

Elaine said...

Oh...those eyes! The Princess just gets more beautiful every day...it feels so good to see that precious little smile. LOVE seeing you both hold her.

The new blog design is adorable...love the falling leaves! I can hardly wait to see what Santa puts on the Dec. blog!!

So many people have been asking to help in some way, so I am SOOO glad to get the new fundraising info on the blog...that will make many people happy. As a member of the committee, I am so proud of all the work everyone is doing...Lindsay has brought us together in an unstoppable force!!

Heart Hugs and love, Elaine