Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Please visit the new addition to Lindsay's Blog by clicking the "Sharing The Love" icon on the right side of this blog.
This will take you to a separate section with updates of all the fantastic fundraising events going on to help Lindsay's family.
Check back often because we have some GREAT events in the planning!
As you might well imagine after 5 weeks in Ann Arbor in intensive care, 5 open heart surgeries, and a heart transplant in the future, it's our time to help!
The committee for the Lindsay Dean Heart Fund is open to any and all of you that would like to help this family in their time of need.
We also welcome any ideas you might have as a fundraising event.


The B Family said...

This is awesome! We are looking forward to helping any way we can...Lindsay is so precious to our hearts!

Love to you all~ Rebecca

The Simmons Family said...

What a fantastic idea!! I too have been looking for fundraiser options for Owen out on the West Coast. We are so blessed with AMAZING insurance and benefits... but there are SO SO SO many other expenses that we don't even take into account.

I am going to be going to our papers and news stations and getting some fundraising ideas and I will pass each and every one of them on to you!!!

Owen and Lindsay are on the same journey and it's so great to have support and love of other heart families!!!!



Stephanie said...

I looked over but looks like it is all local. Can the poinsettia's be shipped?

Hope Lindsay's doing good!!!! and had a great day yesterday!

The Davidson Family said...

I absolutely love the Donate Life link - I registered right away! Thanks for adding that, great idea. Glad you are doing well, keep it up!

GIFT said...

I would be more than happy to sell poinsetta's or have a donation jar at the Honolulu House Museum in Marshall this holiday season. Please let me know how I can help!
Jen (Jewett) Rupp

Elaine said...

Hi Jen...if you check back here, I just want to say I'll get with Linda about the poinsettias snf donation jar...what a wonderful offer! I'll email you after I talk to her tomorrow.

I am Cara (Carrie) Burdick's mom,

Heart hugs, Elaine