Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Restful day

Lindsay has had a great day of peace and rest. The plan is to extubate tomorrow!!!!! She started to get her steroid medication to reduce swelling if it were to occur during extubation and at 4am they will stop her feedings. Yes, she got fed today and tolerated it just great! Now, they take it away to eliminate the chance of her throwing up. I am thinking after the docs do rounds, they will go ahead and take her tube out. I am so excited because I so want to hold her! It has been over a week now without cuddle time and I can't stand it. Please pray that she has a good night and heals even more before the vent is gone....hopefully for good this time...or at least until the next surgery. :-) Did you here that Connor? Keep that tube out!!
It is an even bigger day tomorrow because ALL of my boys are coming to Ann Arbor for the weekend. Yes, JR is bringing Cole and Cruz. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. If not, I really need to put my thinking cap on for some fun things to do with them. Cruz keeps asking about "Lily", so he will be excited to see her...and better yet, without her vent!
I had surprise visitors today.....Dad, Sue, and Sara came to visit. What a nice surprise. I just happened to open my eyes after starting to dose off in the rocking chair at Lindsay's bedside and there was Dad. They had to get their "fix". She opened her eyes while they were here. What a nice treat today.
Well, need to get to my emails since I haven't checked them ALL day. I will post tomorrow with photos of the princess.....tubeless!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are going to have your whole family together for the weekend. I got the pictures of the Lindsay and Brooke today! sooo cute! I have all day tomorrow off to play with frames! I miss you and wanted to let you know I have friends that put lindsay and your family in their prayers at their church. So across the country we are doing our praying!
love always.....Dani

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Lindsay is doing good. Have a good time this weekend with the boys, I know it must be hard to be away from them. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love Retta and Wade.

Stephanie said...

Hoooray for a good day and hopefully no vent!! Can't wait to see pictures without vent! Praying for things to happen quickly so she can be home in no time with all of you.

Enjoy your holding time today!

Have a great time with everyone this weekend.

Maggie Geiger said...

Always nice to open up the blog and see great news! Rain or shine, enjoy your time with your WHOLE family. We will continue praying that Lindsay continues to do well.

Dan,Maggie,Ben, & Alli Geiger

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear good news. She had me worried a lot. Having microbiology does not help!. Love you all and we will keep praying for the extubation and everything else. Miss you.


Stephanie Winter said...

The hands-on museum in A2 is a blast... not far from the hospital. I will email Char for more ideas for inside activities. I'm sure there are some frat parties on South U that you could crash this weekend! Ha!! Miss you! Praying for more smooth days!

Anonymous said...

Keep healing Lindsay! Glad to hear things are going well. Thinking of you and praying..

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie, Jr, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay,

Glad to read that Miss Lindsay is making progress and so happy to hear the boys and Jr are coming for the weekend what a treat. Have a great weekend and we love you all. Continuing the prayers!!


Steve and Tina

The B Family said...

Suzie~ Praying that your arms have been filled today with the beautiful and amazing weight of your baby girl!
With love today~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

We finally both have our tubes out. Lets keep it that way because it really makes our moms happy. Enjoy your cuddle time with your mom today.

PCTU Boyfriend Connor

Evie's Story said...

praying and cheering you on!!