Monday, July 14, 2008

Capturing a "first"

Thought I would post the "after" photo first because the first bath at home was definitely NOT a big hit with Miss Lindsay. The next photo says it all. Poor baby. You can see that her scar is healing beautifully. The smaller one to the left and at the bottom of her incision is from her chest tube. She is moving right along!
Natalie wanted to spend some time with Lindsay during the week last week. Lindsay just wasn't in the mood to play. Maybe next time Natalie! Can't wait for you to over again!


Anonymous said...

Suzie and JR, Just wanted to let you know that I have been following your site ever since the first day and what a blessing it has been! What another cutie! Like I have told your Dad Suzie, you two make beautiful babies! I love the new pictures by Patti! She does a wonderful job, just wondered where Mom was in all the pictures? You all take care and God Bless! Sara Dziewicki (friend of your Dad and Sue's)

Julie Miles said...

What a gorgeous little girl! Thanks for the updates and all the pictures. Her scar is looking great and I'm glad to hear that she's doing so well eating. Hope the cardiologist appointment went well - I'm sure it did based on how good she looks!