Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meal Planning Time

I'll update you all as soon as we're released, but it looks like it's time to help the Deans out with meals so they can have quality time with Lindsay. The boys are gone camping with Don and Sue this weekend, so hopefully they can concentrate on their beautiful little girl and get settled in at home with little distraction.

Again Shannon Poortenga is the homefront coordinator, so please contact her so that we don't double up on meals. If you would like to visit the Deans, please call them first, I'm sure they'd love to see all of you. (Just not all at the same time. The party won't be until after the 2nd surgery.) It isn't like Suzie just had a baby, after all it's been 3 weeks.

Shannon's contact information is archived in May's blogs under "keeping up the Dean homefront"

Thanks and Heart Hugs to ALL OF YOU!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lindsay finally gets to see her home. Best of luck on the homefront.
Mark, Barb, & Chad