Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A snap into reality

Well, (notice that is how I have been starting out my postings...) when the cardiologists come around and say "You're very lucky" or "I can't believe I am looking at her right now" you start to think and then you get very emotional. We came so close to loosing our princess on Friday. The very thought of it gives me goose bumps along with every other emotion imaginable. We have been lucky (there's that word again) to spend all the time that we have with her so far and hopefully we can have more cuddle time with her at home again soon. Hopefully tomorrow we will be moved into the regular care part of the unit and Miss Lindsay will start her swallow study. Yes, I have heard those words from a few other heart babies mommies before. Not uncommon but I am crossing my fingers that she passes with flying colors. On the other hand I have mixed emotions because if she passes, what the heck happened?!!! We will cross that bridge when we get to it but I think then they would just treat for reflux. Yes, just reflux. Sounds simple huh? But with heart babies, reflux can also be a fatal thing that thank GOD we overcame. We must have some wonderful angels in heaven looking over our princess for her to have made it through this. Did I mention that I was emotional tonight? :-) So, much so that I am headed up there again this evening and who knows how long I will stay. I just can't stand being so close and not being able to keep an eye on her, so I am going back. I hope all of you are having a better July! Things are looking up though. Keep those prayers coming and throw another in there for our heart friends, the Jones'. Carlee did end up getting airlifted to U of M from DeVos Children's Hospital this afternoon for another surgery for repair. She had the same symptoms as Lindsay did on Friday but hers ended up being a cardiac problem. Thank God for the quick action from her parents to take her in yesterday evening. There is a reason for everything and when the gut (and your baby) tells you to do something, you should do it. OK, now that the lesson of the day is over....ha ha ha

Heart hugs and love,



colquitt5 said...

things WILL be better in july. your little angel is a strong little spirit and has a great purpose to fulfill on this earth. our prayers are with your family and all the other little "heart" babies out there.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, Bill and Carlee I continue to pray for you. You are all in my thoughts. Mary

Anonymous said...

Suzi and JR if you need anything please call me if you need anything. I will try to come up and see you. Lindsay, Bill and Carlee my thought and prays are with all of you. Linda hang in there August should be a better month, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my name on the comment I posted. Love Aunt Retta and Wade.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Suzie, Jr, Cole, Cruz and Lindsay,

We are all so thankful that Lindsay has made it over this hurdle, she is a fighter as I told you last night. It was so good to see those beautiful eyes open and see the boys too!! They are all so sweet and cute. We are always with you, have a great day!!!


Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

I don't think luck has anything to do with Lindsay's recovery... God must have amazing plans for her later on in her life!

Having had the privilege to meet Miss Lindsay, you can just tell that she's a fighter with a strong will. We origionally thought that Hannah and Cruz would be making trouble together... maybe it will be Hannah and Lindsay! Look out World...


Anonymous said...

Suzie & JR,
You are awesome parents! So glad to hear that things are looking better for Lindsay. Having children before Lindsay, you understand how easy it is to take for granted how "easy" they are. Thank you for teaching all of us to thank our blessings every day for our children een during their "difficult" times. Those temper tantrums don't seem so irratating anymore! At least for today!!!!

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

All of our prayers are being heard. Lindsay is quit a trooper and I am glad she is recovering well. Hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie and Jr., and Family,
We are so glad that Lindsay is doing better. I know our fear is nothing compared to yours, but my heart dropped when I saw those lights across the park. I believe Aimee is right, God has a plan and He has given you the wisdom to take care of each other and her. We will continue to pray for all of your family and will talk to you soon.
Steph, Bob and Family